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  1. Hi Meral, Thank you for your reply and help with this topic. I will check the web site for my military question. I guess we reported to Turkish Consulate about my American citizenship because I have been using only my American passport and kimlik to go back and forth to Turkey, since my Turkish passport expired many years ago, but I don't remember if it states American as well on my kimlik, I will check Thank you
  2. Hi, I'm new on this site and have 2 questions that have been bothering me for a longtime. I have been trying to get info on the paid (dovizli) military service. I was born in Istanbul and been living in NY for 19 years now, I am 32 years old, Turkish and US citizen, and also have delayed my army service until age of 38. I called the NY consulate many times trying to understand dovizli service but the consulate people don't speak or understand English too well and wanted to see if anyone here can help. I know that there is a new law that passed for bedelli military service for 18,000 lira and expires in 13 February but I am more interested in other, dovizli askerlik, which if I understand it right, is 6,000 euro and can be paid in 4 payments. My questions is, if I do this dovizli service do I still have to serve 21 days in the army? There has been so many changes to this law that I don't know if you have to serve anymore, I also know that the payment went down from 10,000 euro. My second question is about the reporting of dual citizenship to Turkish consulate. I believe that my mom and I have done this about 5 years ago when we applied for new nufus cuzdani. Does reporting dual citizenship (US-Turkish) make me loose any benefits in Turkey, such as social security or health insurance (saglik sigorta)? I am asking these questions because I am planning to move back to Turkey Thank you for any help Maykil
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