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  1. It depends on your lifestyle and ideology a bit too. Some cities are very religious and the culture-shock is heavy and I wouldn't recommend them unless you are Muslim. I'm assuming most people on this website are non-Muslims and all those choices you presented are good. All those brands you named are in all big cities so I wouldn't worry about having access. Antalya and Izmir are the only choices, if you want more of the beach-life if you go more inside the country it's very scenic but a lot of people can get bored...like in Ankara...which is where I live, which is cheaper to live in,
  2. Akhi, Another issue you have is that a lot of the girls families might not accept you. Not because you are black but because you are a foreigner. Trust me Turks are some of the least racist towards Black people, but they have a yabanci korkusu *fear of foreigners* which is why as a foreigner it can be hard because Turks **I'm speaking outside tourist areas** are just not used to seeing foreigners around especially from other countries. Akhi yaa why are you talking about girls outside a mosque, what good girl would talk to a brother outside a mosque like that? Ya Allah if you want to
  3. To further on Ken's point. Each city almost has a distinct culture, and Izmir is very anti-religious which is why I avoid those places (being a staunch Muslim myself). The further East you go, the more conservative it is. It's also less open-minded as well which is unfortunate. Then again all political parties here aren't open-minded...open-mindedness is a rarity here. Ankara is a weird exception since it's a lot of non-religious vs. religious here and it's very tense...and some of it is borderline stupid I mean I see girls wear miniskirts in a snowstorm just to prove their ideology.
  4. Hey bro, I'm an American living in Turkey (Ankara). First off, Turkey is in a political/religious war internally so this will affect your life whether you care about politics or not, Turkey technically doesn't even have a government now as they have to rebuild one but that's another story... "Attractive Turkish Girls Interest" First off, no real Muslim girl will even think to marry you because you drink. So you automatically cut your chances in half, you aren't even marriageable to religious women unless you were a Muslim (a practicing one). So your choice would be a non-re
  5. I'm an American who is married to a Turk (but I live in Turkey). I don't know your full background story, but I know so many Turks will do anything to get out of Turkey and move west. Infact when my husband came back from visiting the US with me a lot of his friends said he is insane to not just stay there, and some were surprised I wanted to live here. I don't know be careful, Turks usually won't even consider to be with a woman who has kids it's very opposite of their culture (unless they have kids themselves). I don't want to judge this guy because I don't know his circumstances,
  6. That's weird you said you haven't found dental hygenist, they've been in every clinic I've been to. My dentist is like a complete replica of my former American dentist. I really believe you haven't found the right one yet. If you were in Ankara I'm going to a really great dentist, and there are many here so easy to find...I don't know about prices though maybe the ones I go to are a bit expensive? Keep searching dental places, my advice is keep asking people and when you go to the dentist if you want that type of cleaning tell them you have a "peri problem" and they will know exactly t
  7. Ok Dania. I talked to some people and it didn't look too good. They gave weird and suspicious looks to you being "Finnish" asking why anyone from there would be here. Your two options that I know of are these: 1. Go to the Security Department as soon as possible. Bring supporting documents as to why you want to stay in Turkey, like if you are in school or have a job. Be very open and clear and in this case honest about what happened and what's going on. If you go to them basically explaining your situations with supportive evidence there is a chance they can be
  8. The problem with Turkey and visas in general is they have hidden rules that you should follow but you don't know until it's too late. For example that appointment system is always booked and it's almost impossible to get within 10 days. They know that. So they expect you to talk to someone else within 10 days to fix your situation. They do have a point it is 2 days over, but this is a land of "who you know" and if you know the right people 12 days or 300 makes not much difference. Also one thing they didn't tell you is that you are now currently overstaying, so sure you might have to
  9. Let's see... 1. What percentage of Turks are in an arranged marriage? -From what I have observed very little, the number will be higher in Eastern Anatolia as it's more traditional in many ways, and arranged marriage is also higher in villages than in the cities. Turks are generally very keen to find their own partners first and then turn to arranged marriage as a "I'm getting too old and need to marry" option. 2. Is it difficult for you being a Non-Turk to marry a Turkish woman here? -Hell no. Women are more open to marry out of their culture than the men, and I even know Turkis
  10. I've been living in Ankara for what about 7 months now. I'm originally from America, and I'm one of those women married to a Turk. He works for the government, and I am a former medic, nurse assistant, firefighter who is going on a new career track. Anyway that's me, so what about Ankara? I'm not sure if any of you live here, or if anyone is looking to move here. I can tell you that it's a place not a lot of foreigners choose because it's really just a grey government city. No beaches, not as much fun things as Istanbul...so it's not really the top choice it seems since I stick out li
  11. You would have to understand that England was hell bent on destroying Turkey nearly 100 years ago so I am actually a bit happy of their attitude towards foreigners in Canakkale as it's a sort of pilgrimage for mourning and reflecting on the past and not really a place I'd recommend for foreigners particularly the British people. (Not saying this directed at you but at people in general) That being said naturally I feel bad that it was a bit hard of a city to move to, but it looks like you've found a better place now. Istanbul is such a hard city to live in, everytime I visit I just am in
  12. My offer is to not tell them, if you give them that intention they will think you can easily stay illegally. It's also not their business your citizenship, it's the business of the government office. I think telling them can make more trouble, I mean what good would they do for you if you tell them? If you easily can get that 30 day tourist visa, I'd say you are a tourist. Go meet your fiance and you two will have to decide whether you will immediately start resident papers or whether you will have to go back to the Philippines and return to do the resident paper. There should be no h
  13. Life here in Ankara,Turkey after 6ish months ebbs and flows. Some days I don't want to look outside, I miss normality and would rather sleep most of the day then even hear any chatter of Turkish. Those are the days I turn on the television to movie channels and without hesitation switch the language to English. In those times I despise the sight of Turkish tea, children constantly shouting "anne anne", and anything foreign to my previous senses becomes hostile and irritating. I become short-fused and narrow-sighted to the fact that I have forever left my country and all this newness su
  14. Hey welcome to the forums. Things you need to talk to your fiance about: 1. Residency Like Ken said you can stay pretty easy for 90 days on a tourist visa, which you can buy online or at the airport when you arrive. You will need to talk to your fiance about getting a resident permit until you get married. After your official wedding residency is really easy. If you don't get a resident permit you will have to go back to the philippines for 180 days and then come back again for another 90 days. If you are moving to Turkey then a resident permit is your only option. 2.
  15. For future advice and for anyone reading this in the same situation I have solid advice that worked for me. 1. Aristocracy is your friend. KNOW the right people. I had married into an aristocratic family which has certain perks, I used up all my allowed days in Turkey and a phone call later I was allowed back in to Turkey (conditional that I get my papers sorted out). Getting my resident permit took 2 hours max in Ankara because I know people who know the guy who runs that building. I skipped through the investigation, background checks and just overall waiting around nonsens
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