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  1. Thanks GDB -- our guy is still little (about 8 months when we get to Turkey)....was wondering if we'd get dirty looks when he cries.... but i'm glad to hear your positive review!
  2. What is the overall feeling from the Turks about kids in restaurants, etc? Is it frowned upon or are they welcoming? The Germans, for example, really scoff at bringing kids to restaurants, but other cultures don't have such an issue with it. Thanks!
  3. Perfect. Exactly the info I needed -- thanks again!
  4. Fantastic -- and thanks so much for your help. I'll check out the facebook pages. Does your friend know if there is an off-base used dealer that caters to military? When I was in Japan, there were a bunch of used car dealers like that just outside the gate. Thanks again Jim
  5. Hello all, just discovered this forum and it's awesome! I am likely inbound to Incirlik and I don't have a vehicle, but would like to purchase one when I arrive. What are the options to purchase a car that's a decent size (new baby with lots of baby goods)? I understand that there isn't a lemon lot on Incirlik. What do folks normally do? Also, I heard there isn't a pet boarding facility on incirlik -- what do people with dogs do? We have a small dog who I don't want to have to leave behind for two years! Thanks all! Jim
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