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  1. This happens so many times. Considering that he is from southeast of Turkey, he is not Turkish but Kurdish. Kurds are an ethnicity living in that part of Turkey whose education and income levels are significantly lower than Turkish people. They are dwelling in poverty. Young ones want to escape from it. The easiest way comes in their mind is finding a foreign woman and migration her country.
  2. It is called male prostitution. This kind of stories make me very sad as a Turkish person. Foreigners perceive Turkey as a sex tourism country, just like male version of Thailand. Sorry but "having sex with customers" is just sickening.
  3. This is likely to be the most negative side of being so much European oriented. You can't see a Turkish girl dating someone other than European and Turkish boys. Having a child with white skin and light hair is every Turkish girl's dream.
  4. 1. Turkish citizens should not pay anything for visa. 2. Borders within the EU and borders between the EU and Turkey do not exist anymore since refugees easily leaking from here. 3. You don't really secure your country when you ask for visa. There are already millions of people entered Europe who can be potential threat to European Civilization. 4. Europe should not discriminate Turkish citizens anymore while thousands and millions of refugees and migrants entering into Europe without a need of visa and even passport. Letting thousands of illegals without a visa and passport and asking Turkish citizens for visa does not really improve Europe's border security.
  5. It is likely that they will let you pay for it so you don't have to do any military service. But this is not a good timing because Turkey is unofficially participating in a war.
  6. It was my mistake that I did not write it clear. Sorry. I was talking about demography. There are too many elderly people in the UK.
  7. 1) Turkey is more likely to have child friendly environments than your country. Turkey is a young country while the UK is very aged. 2) Healthcare system is still much better here compared to what you have there. These are good reasons to be a Turkish citizen.
  8. Send death threats to them, James. That is the most common way of solving issues in the third world. You can do it since you live here and part of this country. xD
  9. Yes, you can eat anything you want. But it is always better to cook at home because I don't trust restaurants that much due to hygiene reasons.
  10. I can understand your sensitivity. The call to prayer is nothing more than a symbolic thing these days and It can be less loudly. I agree with you on this one.
  11. It is funny that all those Europeans expect you to give a smile to them when they look at you. Nobody smiles at strangers here. xD
  12. I don't know what to advise you for your relationship but this one sounds very familiar. I just wish you the best for employment.
  13. I am not much into Politics and my major is not in it. But I can say that Erdogan is the most successful Turkish leader I have seen in my whole life. I began to proud of being a citizen of this country under his rule.
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