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  1. Az önce bir fotoğraf paylaştı https://t.co/ULtOMGzw8g

  2. RT @berensaat: Bu masum bakış ömür boyu yakanızı bırakmayacak... #ÖzgecanAslan http://t.co/hvcxzY32uq

  3. Hi ladies and gents... We fly high from now on!! i am sure that we will be more crowded than expected!! HERE WE GO!!! Here are the details: Next Wednesday Night we will go to play bowling game and at the same time we will continue improving our english level..the price list is given below but we have possibility to make a discount during the day..please waiting all girls and boyz having fun together.. BOWLING TIME!!!! MEETING PLACE: BOWLING ADASI NEARBY HILTON DAY / TIME : 11.02.2015 - 19:00 Price: 6 tl per person (on that day we may change it /discount) NOTE: Arkadaşlar gelemeyeceğini
  4. Come to "BOWLING TOURNAMENT!! REGULAR MEETINGS -VOL 2" on Feb 11, 2015, 7:00 PM EET. https://t.co/xXm7Kdhi7G

  5. Come to "BOWLING TOURNAMENT!! REGULAR MEETINGS -VOL 2" on Feb 11, 2015, 7:00 PM EET. https://t.co/xXm7KdySZe

  6. hi guys we decided to meet some friends who wants to practice, who wants to come else? please find me on my facebook https://www.facebook.com/sahil.edibe see you. at marina-özsut- on saturday- 14:00 for communicate find me on FB.
  7. RT @BayandanTavsiye: "Yılların bana öğrettiği şeylerden biri de bu oldu; Mutluluğu yakalamışsan, sorgulama." /Charles Bukowski/

  8. Adam var da biz mi sevmedik

  9. RT @iyiTweet: "Ve en büyük acının kendininki olduğunu düşünüyorsun. Dünyadan habersiz tüm gerizekâlılar gibi." /Hakan Günday/

  10. there is a speaking coffe in izmit/Kocaeli if we want we can do ours speaking coffe (a small one) in mersin
  11. edibesahil

    Let us meet !

    ı told my turkish friend about the forum and ı will be happy to join an activity with that members
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