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  1. Thanks cayaholic. Is this true of a vast majority of public schools? That's unfortunate to hear! Indeed I understand many would love the opportunity to school their children here, but the environment is not one I want my children to be immersed in (speaking from experience having been in public school all 12 years). Hence the reason that homeschooling rates here are increasing each year. My husband will likely invest in real estate there as he does here.
  2. Hi all! My name's Lindsey, I'm a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist & mother of two children, ages 2 & 4. My husband is Syrian-American & is a real estate investor. We originally planned to split our time between Syria & America once we had children but now that Syria (& most of the Middle East) is out of the question, we have been drawn to Turkey -- it seems to be a perfect fit for my family in so many ways! We are planning a visit in Jan & if all is well, we will move next fall. But we sure could use your help! Although I'm mainly using my career to write books, is there a particular city where I'd likely be able to practice as a Nutritionist if I chose to? I mainly focus on children's health (alleviating symptoms of ADHD, recurring health issues, even autism) through diet. I understand learning Turkish would be essential, and I'm willing to learn. Also, I am taken back by the price of private schools there! Is there a city where the public schools are particularly good? If we opted to homeschool, I'm assuming Istanbul would be our best option .. ? And lastly, we would like to find an area where there is more of an Islamic influence than a European one. I'm certainly no stranger to bars, clubs, bikinis, & such, but we'd really love a more modest feel than what we're immersed in here in America. Thank you all for any advice your kindly willing to offer!
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