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  1. Hi Moni. I had a similar problem...but we were together since 4 years! His parents and friends seemed fine with me until the end, when we started talking about our plans in a serious way. I am now sure that they were just faking their kindness towards me and towards our relationship, probably they were thinking that it would end eventually...so when things became serious they started the COLD WAR against him and our projects. I gave up and throw in the towel, as you said. It was clear that his family and friends were in the first place for him, more than me, more than our projects,
  2. Hello everyone. Six months ago I broke up with my turkish boyfriend after 4 years. I had to stop our relationship because, in the last months, we couldn't find a compromise. It should always be me to accept and to compromise, to change my country, my habits, myself, while he would keep his life as he wanted and, most of all, would please all the terrible people near him (possessive family and friends). Some examples: it was simple for me to go to Turkey and fix all the foreign stuff (Visa, learning turkish etc) but it was hard or impossible for him to come to my country and do the
  3. Thank you so much for your answer, Meral. Unfortunately it's over for him, he made his choice and it's his parents and his city. I've lost my "war"...you can't win against this kind of turkish parents. I have to say that I see a lot of women who are moving to Turkey...and apparently their love stories can exist just because they decide to leave everything behind them and please their partner. I'd like to say there are also men who leave their country for their lovers and wives but, I'm sorry, I don't see any. I just see women who fight for their love...and men who don't wanna lose anything.
  4. I was planning my life with him, I thought we would have been a happy married couple...but now everything is in the dust..we're just past and memories...I can't believe is over, I can't believe we will walk in our lives far from each other... :,-(
  5. Hi everyone...I'm new in the forum and, as my nickname says, I'm quite broken right now. A few months ago my love story with my turkish boyfriend (and husband to be) has come to an end. We got through all the rough times (Being far, soldier, finishing uni, requiring visas etc) and I thought it was finally time for us to live our happy life, but not: it's over, instead. I still love him (and I suffer too much), but I had to close our relationship and even if he was crying and saying "no" at the beginning now he's going really fine with it, never contacting me and deleting me from his lif
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