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  1. I'm sorry Rudedawg, I didn't notice your post. We are not really a group, just a bunch of people with a common interest, and thats ridin'. Any time you see us or other groups don't hesitate to ask if you can join. Most likely the response will be "the more the merrier."
  2. Hi Sweetpea and welcome to the forum. In order for you to visit here you will have to be sponsored by someone. I am not certain if it matters whether your sponsors TDY or permanent party. You may want to check into it first. The lodging (Hodja Inn) number is 0322-316-9357. I hope this helps.
  3. I got here in June 08 but didn't get my scoot until Aug 08 and I must say it is EXTREMELY HOT and HUMID between those periods. Yes, there are groups that go out and ride together but right now its been hit or miss since the weather is not cooperating. Apparently there were more group rides last year since a local (turkish) tattoo artist would ride with the group, but he has since sold his bike. Last I counted there were about 25+ motorcycles riders on post. I know this because we have an email list of all the riders here.You are in for a treat when it comes to riding here. Don't get the wrong impression from what I am about to say because I love the Turkish people, but they have got to be the worse drivers that I have seen thus far. I am no writer but I did write an article about my experiences in Turkey while I was out castle hunting. I am working on another one which I hope to get done soon, here's the link:http://coloradovtxrangeriders.com/stories/ridein2history.htm
  4. I don't know why but the "Hottest" rental car in Turkey right now is the Ford Focus. They have been praised for their safety and reliability. I have rented from Cenkar twice now and they are very friendly and they will drop off the car at your home or work place which is not unusual for this region to do, since they do want your business. Since the "monsoon" season (10 days of rain is not unusual) started riding a scooter around town was no longer practical. I try to ride my motorcycle to almost all the places that I can, when I can and if I can. Unfortunately Mother Nature will prevail all the time and there's no sense in fighting it.You do have to rent a car from a reputable car rental. Like Ben said, don't rent from a furniture store slash car rental because you'll only get burnt. Now if only the price that Ben listed was current I would be in a rental right now, but unfortunately the people in the Alley have internet service too. They know what the going rate is for a car rental in the States plus the prices that they offer is in dollars not lira. The last car that I rented from Cenkar was $400 (USD) for one month. I have asked around and this is the going rate for a Ford Focus. I got a lower rate from someone in the Alley for $325 per month for a Fiat. Of course everything here is negatiable you just have to shop around.
  5. Welcome to our forum Brian! I hope that your transition will be a smooth one. I am currently at Incirlik, a rider as well. This forum has great information and GREAT people who are willing to help others out. I believe the word is called "Networking." I will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have, just send me a PM. By the time you get here I'll only have 2 more months left, enough time for a couple of rides. I hope that you are ready for some really adventurous rides and I use that term loosely. Once again Welcome aboard!
  6. A great read and pointers. I am gonna have to add these to my list of "To visit." I've seen it on my way back from Alanya. It does look awesome, I just wish that we would have stopped to see more than just driving by it.
  7. I have traveled east along D400 several times and I often pass the Snake Castle. To be honest, I have never been up the Snake Castle other than the occassional photos that I have taken from below. One day I was exchanging stories of all the places that I have been to in Turkey in the last 4 months. The small talk has given us both ideas and other places to visit. The fellow explorer told me about a castle nestled just 20 miles north of Ceyhan. It was called Anavarza Castle. From the main highway I saw one sign pointing in the direction of Anavarza then there was nothing else but a hand painted sign pointing to another direction where that turn was that said "Anavarza Kalesi 6 km." This lead me to a very narrow road that stretched in between corn fields and other domestically grown produce. This was a very small farming community. It seems like time stood still here because farming still involved manual labor all arranged in a file. Leaning forward as they tend to their seedlings. Some of the farmers had tractors to plow the fields while others had to use live stock. The rumbling of my motorcycle always draws the curious seekers and a welcoming break from farming just to see what is out there. I try not to let anything pass me by and absorb as much as I can. The narrow road followed along side a small creek which had a few fishermen. About 2 km in I still see no castle but still enjoyed what was laid before me. Then all of the sudden I noticed alot of big blocks of lime stones on both sides of the road. I had to be near, then out of nowhere I see a remnant of an arch way. I know that I am not the first visitor to this parts but to me it was a major discovery, I knew I was heading the right way and that hand painted sign was not a joke. The further in I go the more arches emerge from nowhere. The heavy vegetation prevented me from seeing it until I am right in front of it. 4 km in, I finally see the Anavarza nestled on a hill top. What was laid out below were remnants of pillars and stone walls incorporating all the arches that I have seen prior. This seemed to have been a well developed town back in the biblical times. It was interesting to see that some of the remaining pillars were actually being used by the present farmers to fence in their property. With all the excitement of discovering a historical sight, I still managed to enjoy the little things in life....a camillion, blocking my way strolling very slowly across the road as his eyes revolve around observing my every moves. Finally, that dreaded hike up the hill just to view the castle. Let me remind you that I was not prepared to hike up any mountain. Riding boots were not made for climbing anything other than a motorcycle, but I managed. Its not like me to travel somewhere and not explorer more due to minor incoveniences. I must say, climbing up was murderous. Of course I have alot more photos but I can only post 10 on the forums. Once I get a chance I will have to update my gallery section with Anavarza photos. Well, on the way back out the narrow path, I encountered some heavy traffic conjestion. You know you're in trouble when you don't know who has the right of way? Lessons learned on this trip: - Bring drinks, snack or food and be prepared to use the out doors for your toilet. - Bring hiking boots or something other than walking or riding boots. - Don't have a cow when you get stuck in a traffic jam.
  8. IslanderX


    On another one of my weekend adventure I and a couple of friends decided to take a trip. Not knowing where to go we decided to check out Gaziantep, which was about 2 hours east of Adana. A trip that could be easily done in one day which is what we were looking for. The bad thing is we went on a Sunday which meant alot of the shops were closed. We didn't care, we just wanted to explore and get out there. This time I did not take my motorcycle. I will not go to a place that I or someone else is not familiar with on two wheels, its just too dangerous. Fortunately the night before I did some surfing on line, I must say, Google Earth is a wonderful tool to use and see the sight before getting there. During my surfing I discovered that Gaziantep used to be called Antep and the "Gazi" was added in 1921. "Gazi" meaning "veteran" in Turkish, Wikipedia, another wonderful tool . Since I went to Gaziantep with two asians who spoke nothing but english, I was considered the norm (since I could pass as a turk) and my friends were hot commodaties. Once the locals realize that I am not turkish they immediately want to know where I am from. If you know the type of person that I am, I like to kid around with people. I would ask them where are they from? Of course there would be a long pause and a big grin emerges from their face. I love the turks, they are very humble and genuine people and they get a joke even in foreign language. Well, here are the photos that I took for you to enjoy. Antep Kalesi I thought this mosque looked cool. I took this picture sticking my head out of the car which can be dangerous at times. This photo would have been missed if I wasn't looking up. It was on a second floor some a restaurant. I am assuming that this is the "Speak no evil, Hear no evel and See no evil" statue just based on the hand location. I hope that this and all the other photos that I have posted inspires you and others to get out there and explore. I love taking photos and sharing them, but I would rather hear others getting out there and enjoying what Turkey has to offer. There are so much more that I want to see that I can't wait for each weekend to come.
  9. IslanderX


    Few pics of Gaziantep!
  10. IslanderX

    Turkey Pics

    Various sites in Turkey.
  11. IslanderX

    Iskenderun 009.JPG

    On one of my aimless rides, I was heading east and stumbled up this castle, Toprakkale Kalesi.
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    Just a few pictures of Tarsus and the sites along the way.
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    IslanderX Gallery

    Collections of Photos that I have taken and really like.
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    Thanks again for the nice compliments. Ok! Maybe I don't just point and click. When I look at a scenery, I eval the light source, angle and what that scene would look like in a rectangle. Oh trust me, have chopped off peoples heads taking photos. Thats the beauty of digital cameras, I can delete before anyone sees it.... I do have new photos from my trip today. I have no clue where I went, I just ride and I ended up in Iskenderun. Beautiful Mediterrian view, but unfortunately I had to leave because rain was in the forecast.
  15. IslanderX


    Just a couple of photos that I took. Our mode of transportation
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