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  1. So, I have a Arcelik washing machine and trying to learn more about how to use it. For one, the "detergent" tray has three slots. Anyone knows what goes in which slots? Someone was telling me they are pretty standard on all Turkish washers, however this person didn't know since he has a American washer. Any help would be great as I don't want to destroy my landlords stuff. And yes, I try asking but she hasn't use this one for years and don't remember how to work it lol.
  2. Hello IbrahimAbi! Sorry, I've been busy trying to find a place to live and all. According to several of my co-workers, they've had problems with registering their phone. Even after they register, some get blocked months later and have to bring their paperwork to Turkcell and figure things out. Couple incidents involved inputing the IMEI incorrectly which caused their phone to be blocked and basically had to go explain at the offices (not sure if its at the tax office or the foreign section). It just sound like a big pain. Another option for people might be just to get a wifi stick and
  3. For all future military members coming to Izmir. So, to answer this question, since I am in country now, the 425 ABS have machines and lots of treadmills if you are interested in more cardio, but at NATO, more free weight equipment and its pretty decent. Just FYI.
  4. Well, the phone is low end -- a Huawei Ascend P1. It will do the job, but it seems to be the cheapest at 715 Lira out the door including taxes, SIM, and the 55 tl plan. Another guy here spend over 3000+ TL on an Iphone 6! I guess he just have to have it. This sucks because I have a Blackberry Passport that my family chipped in to get for me that's basically going to be a brick for the next year lol.
  5. Never mind, After many searches on this forum, I've found a post by TR Hobbit: if you do not use and do not add "köntörs" to a Turkish SIM card in a six-month period, your SIM card becomes inactive and you have to buy a new one. I believe that's what the Turkcell rep was trying to say that after 6 months of not using it, the SIM stops working. Thanks again TR Hobbit and forum.
  6. Hey everyone. Now that I'm in country and had a chance to talk other people, it seems that it's too problematic to try to register my phone. So, I went out and bought a smartphone and sims from Turkcell per Ken's written guide (thanks by the way!) The Turkcell rep was telling me that the phone will cut off regardless because I'm purchasing it as a tourist? Anyone knows anything about this 6 months limit?
  7. HobbitTR, I will be here for a year on military assignment. I would just roam on T-mobile but supposedly after 30 or 60 days, I'll be shut off with or without a Turkish SIM. It seems there is soooo much confusion on the subject. Between the information I'm getting from the miitary to other blogs,I have no idea what's going on! There 's military guide says I have to go to the foreign police section to get some paperwork in order for me to get register at the service provider. However, on a blog, "Adventures in Ankara", they said I don't, while on this forum, it says I can roam with my T-Mo
  8. Hi, Can someone point me to the address for the Foreign Police Section (Yabanci Buro I think) in Alsancak area, basically the place I need to go to get something in order to register my phone? I'll be in country next and am trying to plan/map out everything. Thanks!
  9. Does anyone know about the gym there? I know about the 425 ABS one, but I was told NATO have one too. I'm trying to see if it has weightlifting equipment or just some cardio machine. Weightlifting is a big deal to me and If there is a decent gym there, then I'd try to find a place to live in Sirinyer/Buca.
  10. I've been researching and it seems to be easier just getting one there, like a prepaid with vodaphone. The registration process seems like a big hassle. What are your opinions? Are their advantages/disadvantages? I'm looking for basic call/sms. I don't really need data as I can use wifi spots. And finally, and what kind of contract do they have there, one, two, more? I will be there for a year.
  11. Hello IrrahimAbi, I'm actually going to Izmir and will be with the military. Does the under 5 years old rule still apply to me if I'm shipping a vehicle due to military assignment? I'm also looking at buying a smaller, gas efficient car and bringing it with me, however it's going to be over 5 years old as well because I don't usually buy new cars. Should I just not bring a car at all and just use public transportation?
  12. So I have an assignment and am debating to bring my 1997 Ford F-150. I understand from Ken's post, Turkey has this big inspection process to get the car register. How strict are they with the inspection? My truck is coming from a state with no inspection, so I'm not sure if it will pass in Turkey such as emissions. Also, how difficult is it to maneuver a pick up truck there as well as parking? Finally, do I have to do my own maintenance or are there mechanics there familiar with old trucks like this?
  13. Hello Ken and Tugba, Thanks for your posts! I am going to NATO and not bringing a vehicle because I own a big gas guzzling Ford truck. So, being centrally located and easy commute is the biggest thing. I plan to travel on the weekends, but during the week, I planned on work and gym. Ken, I noticed from your other posts, you were stationed in Izmir. How are the people's attitude towards military personnel? Tugba, I googled Sportz 232 which looks pretty cool. Do you know how much they charge?
  14. Hello. I am planning to move to Turkey due to my job, specifically NATO in Izmir (Buca area). I thinking of living in the Alsancak area and trying to figure how easy is it to take public transportation to commute between the two areas? Also, can anyone recommend a good gym around the Alsancak area? Thanks in advance!
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