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  1. oh dear very sorry blooming flower to hear this. I hope everything is ok with you now...
  2. I am living just 10 km away from Tasucu. I can help you out about your accommodation in fact you can stay with me if you like or I can arrange a hotel for you around here.
  3. I am very glad to hear that. just to let you know these type of pills are not recommenced for the long period usage.. have a lovely day thanks
  4. hi IbrahimAbi yes there are some oral tablet that you can find it for your dog in any vet clinics. I would suggest you to have a look for the one is called perlutex oral tablet as I used to use this for my dog.. cheers
  5. Hello everyone I am also a vet and working in silifke, I am very happy to help you out as much as I can whenever i am needed.
  6. software use to be called xbmc now it is called kodi http://kodi.tv/download/ try this
  7. you can overcome this by changing the IP settings or try to use different vpn or use Google chrome with the extension called zenmate then change the location from this extention..good luck cheers Oz
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