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  1. Ok, I was just figuring maybe I should have it so I could hopefully avoid another trip back to that main office. But I guess I'll just wait to see if they require it from me. Thanks, Casey
  2. Any idea where I am supposed to go to get the background check done? I am having difficulties finding where I am supposed to go. Thanks, Casey
  3. Oh, sorry. I meant the fees from the application. I went to the tax office to pay them and they printed them on the same receipt. Will this be a problem?
  4. Hey Graham, I went to the tax office to pay my taxes the other day. Is there another fee that I am forgetting about that needs to be paid at the appointment? Thanks, Casey
  5. Yeah, I don't really want to withhold anything from them, I was just curious if this might be a common problem people have experienced. I also wasn't sure if they would give me extra time to allow me to rectify the problem or if they would just deny my application on the spot. I also had another question. If my visa was denied, would I be required to leave the country for 90 days? I have read online that you can re-enter on an E-visa like the day after your residence permit expires.
  6. Hello everyone again, Just another question about a potential issue that has popped up for me. I recently moved, I took my lease to get notarized then visited the local Nufus office to register my new address. They registered me, but they registered me to the wrong apartment. It's in the correct building, just the wrong apartment number I had my turkish friend call and talk to them, but they said I couldn't do anything for 20 days. The only problem is my appointment is scheduled for December 1st. So I wouldn't be able to change anything till after my apartment. Any advice on what to do? S
  7. Thanks for the quick responses. I live in Besiktas but every time I tried to sign up for an appointment in Besiktas it continually told me they weren't able to give me an appointment there, but when I tried the Fatih Goc Idaresi, it gave me an appointment immediately. Hopefully that was the correct thing to do. Thanks for the response! I put on the application how much I am making with the rental property. I didn't really think twice about including it on there until this morning. Would it be worth going back and redoing the application and just providing them with the bank acco
  8. Hello again, Just one more question. I just got my Insurance for the next year. I renewed with the same company I used before, but I noticed that the new policy starts the 13/11/2016 and the old policy ends the same day. The only issue I'm wondering about is that my RP expires 12/11/2016. Would I need the new policy to start on the 11/11/2016? Oh and does anyone know what the typical RP renewal appointment is like? Is it a pretty standard just hand in your documents? Or is there an interview with different officials? I've heard a few different things about this, but I might be getti
  9. Hello again, I talked to the people at *157* again and they said I could just cancel my renewal application and start a new one when I had all my documents. Thought I would share that in case anyone finds themselves in a similar situation. I also asked them about needing an appointment for renewal and they said that I just had to send in my documents by mail.
  10. Thank you so much for your answers, Ken. I called the *157* number and talked to them there about sending the documents within 5 days. They said that the 5 days doesn't start until I hit complete on the online application. If for some reason they are wrong and the 5 days does start from when I start the application, do you have any idea of what the consequences for sending in my documents late would be? Would I just need to start the process over again as a first time applicant? Or would I be forced to leave the country? Thanks again for all your help!
  11. Hello everyone, I am currently in the process of trying to renew my residence permit and had a couple questions. My residence permit is set to expire at the beginning of November, so I thought I should try and get a jump-start because I have read online that it can be difficult to try and get an appointment. At first I was under the assumption that you didn't need an appointment for a renewal, but I have read some conflicting things online that says that now you need an appointment? Does anyone know if an appointment is now necessary? Also, I started my online application for renewa
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