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  1. My boyfriend is Turkish, I'm English, and I basically just asked him I knew he had had sexual relationships in the past, all of Which he irritatingly didn't use protection (apparently the girls didn't care either way) and I besically had to teach him the basics of sti's as he had no idea what one even was!!! it shocks me how little Turkish people are taught about sexual stuff. Anyway, he got tested and came back clear, And he was happy with doing it, he wanted to, not just for me, but for himself. and he knows in future to always use condoms, whether it was with me or in any relationship wit
  2. well I met my boyfriend in July 2013, when I went on holiday to antalya with my mum and friend. Everyone who has visited turkey knows that the guys are known for flirting with girls and this happened with many of the waiters and entertainment team etc, giving me flowers or cocktails and asking me to go out of the resort with them. Obviously to this I was like HELL NO, but there were a few that didn't flirt AT all and were just soo friendly and kind and helpful (my boyfriend being on of these rare few). In fact, he hardly spoke to me unless I went near the bar and he would just always smile at
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