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  1. A painting in a guitar repair shop in Antalya. https://t.co/tIBr3i98K1 https://t.co/pBjAPSsYXU

  2. Play me some Blues, son. @turqujazz https://t.co/KUKXKYLGE8 https://t.co/EInWRloAbI

  3. Its a very Christmassy New Year in Antalya. https://t.co/nJtcqnQN8Q https://t.co/3Sy4EP0Sn5

  4. What kind https://t.co/cZmskugIwr https://t.co/PSlQZGxmwz to piss off https://t.co/blAmIIB2A6 even enter?… https://t.co/K2dz2MfqrU

  5. A new use for 7" singles....shop bait. https://t.co/uTQk4K93iG https://t.co/PhwUbSlEAZ

  6. This guy was the drummer on an Erkin Koray album. @turqujazz https://t.co/b9QMwnY78g https://t.co/w9ErHbWh17

  7. In the studio. @turqujazz https://t.co/8cxR6lJ4Lf https://t.co/79FgtKZEeq

  8. Sunset scene from a bridge in Konyaalti. https://t.co/bzULqOAztF https://t.co/MyFAdKJA5e

  9. There were four wet and cold dogs sleeping outside of D&R in Dedeman. I think they must have been queing up… https://t.co/rN1WiO9qRc

  10. Win a Lifetime Account of GramKosh V2.0 https://t.co/V8cQVhPTxX

  11. Time for.some Cig Kofte. https://t.co/xTa1kmAuHl https://t.co/pQJIqHd2Ii

  12. The first Satan Claws I have seen this Christmas spotted on November 16! There is actually 2 of them outside this c… https://t.co/q0eI3Dtber

  13. Well I feel safe now. https://t.co/XlloSU53NW https://t.co/ovjAhhab2w

  14. A night out in Jungle Bar. https://t.co/EVe9F74nVO https://t.co/iNDEkvs4S9

  15. Horse Carriage at the Clock Tower in Kaleici. https://t.co/ulnPt16Fef https://t.co/IuTVeH0LJ5