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  1. Any native speakers in Antalya interested in a kindergarden job for a couple of hours a week with decent pay send … https://t.co/LgbrKywdja

  2. #turkey jails 40 people for plotting to kill the #president https://t.co/BjBbuAmIXp via @mailonline #news https://t.co/ze2FSn4ehs

  3. #migration crisis marks Antalya Film Festival selection https://t.co/IoaFDnrx4C #filmfestival #world https://t.co/4wocWMN83c

  4. Lifing weights at Mark Antalya. Got to work on my abs. https://t.co/5ehCFJhfJW https://t.co/LD93HOJGEF

  5. They found these three civil servant statues in Antalya recently.although a couple were headless.… https://t.co/m7wY3vAoil

  6. Football Crazed Dog Celebrates When His Team Scores A Goal On TV. https://t.co/J6Hr6i8Rnb #Antalya

  7. Mount Tunc: Sun, Sea, Sand and SNOW! https://t.co/qvcGNqKhu7 #Antalya

  8. Apparently the cow.is quite happy to be butchered and served up on a plate for.profit. https://t.co/k22tPmfV64 https://t.co/tO8OpIwNbv

  9. Ataturk at a half arch at Antalya bus station. https://t.co/GgOSYCROtz https://t.co/3hA0YfBxqj

  10. @turkishtravel Yep, it is indeed. Quite a big site.

  11. At Saklikent Gorge on our Wedding Anniversary https://t.co/18Km0LjJd4 https://t.co/kvFPSWI3EB

  12. The Bird outside Cubana Bar in Hisaronu, Turkey. https://t.co/1imIE4eIlR https://t.co/tlkUFU89mc

  13. Scary Creature at Dragonaro Restaurant in Hisaronu. https://t.co/ojqsVjOwQM https://t.co/5mFpMW3cZk

  14. The water was really pretty hot. I could only stay in for 10 minutes. https://t.co/SK3jHZFiY5 https://t.co/0SVh4xmKfd

  15. https://t.co/Lu13a4IrvG https://t.co/S0tYwNGfcv