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  1. Hiya Candie, thank you very much for the reply. I understand what you're seeing! at the moment I am very happy with the relationship and learning new things everyday, as is my boyfriend. hopefully we are in the 1 in 10 but only the future knows! thank you again Candie, very much appreciated. he would be marrying my family too as they are very loud and involved LOL! xx
  2. I'm not sure how to start these things at all but I'll try and sum everything up so I'm not boring yous lol in August of this year I went to Marmaris and stayed at the same hotel i stayed at two years previous. I went with my parents as my 18th birthday present and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I mingled with a lot of people from different parts of England (I am scottish and never really met anyone from outside of Scotland apart from foreign countries). I stay in contact with them all now it was just great! anyways, so when I went to Turkey I had no intentions of romances or anything like that, j
  3. hi, sorry that I'm just commenting on this topic just now, Veronica I too am dating a Turkish man and am from Scotland. was wondering if we could chat somewhere for some advice? x
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