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  1. Thank you for your reply and advices, YabanciGirl! If we decide that I am going to stay there first for 10-12 month, I will rent out my apartment. If we find out that I am going to move for real to Turkey I will have that in mind - renting it out and not selling. It is in centrum in my city, so it is perfect for a single person, a student ++. You can work as a English teacher without having the education for teaching English? Hmm... I will check this out and see if I speak English well enough! Wow.. That happened to you? Lol.. I don't know what I would do if that happened to me. It is so over my intimacy zone that someone would came in to my bedroom an see me sleep And what about your weddingdress? Wow.. I just have to smile when I read that! Lol.. I think we are going to stay at his family for 5 days or so when I am coming in November. I am very excited and nervous about that! Because I am meeting his family for the first time, a different culture, I am used to live alone so it would be strange to be with people all the time (without when I am in the bathroom ). And also because this time we need to find out what we need to do and make a plan to do it. Not having our life on hold anymore! Exciting and nervous
  2. I don't know what you should do. I have read that the culture is different in Turkey, family means a lot - everything, their opinion, but some stands againt their family when it comes to marrige ++. So it is difficult and it is different for every situation and person. But isn't a relationship about supporting each other in ups and downs? Or if it was the other way around? Would you like that your boyfriend supported you or gave up? If you end it and you look back, would you regret it? Regret that you didn't fight? Or can you think that you did what you could and that is OK? Like I said.. I am not good on the culture thing or if it matters or not.. But I ask you questions that I would have asked myself, and my answers would show if I would fight/give support or throw in the towel. Don't know if it is any help for you, though!
  3. I am really into him And one of us got to move if this is going to work. I am wondering how others do it? Do you just jump right into it? Just move and think that everything will work out? Did you have any loans? If I am going to move to Turkey I will still have my study loan that I got to pay off every month. I got to sell my appartment and that will cover the loan for the apartment. How about work? And it' hard to get work in Norway. I have read blogs, but they don't say anything about debt/loan. I can contact them also of course. I will talk to him when I go to Turkey in November about this. I want to talk about it face to face and not over the phone. I just wanted others opinion because this is new to me. But thank you, yalandunya!
  4. Hi. I need some advices. To make the story short; I met a turkish man in May in Alanya. Met, of course, at a club. He was in Alanya at a holiday. We had a great week together and I went back to Turkey in September to meet him. I had my sister with me. We stayed in Alanya again. I am going back in November to meet his family and I am staying in Turkey for two more weeks. I ahve told him that before we do anything he has to visit me in Norway and meet my family also. So he can meet them and also get a more understanding of where I come from and my culture. And if we ever going to move here (if not I moving to Turkey) he can see how the country is first. I am 29 and he is 32 years old. We have been talking about what we should do, b/c if the relationship should work for å long time one of us got to move. I am a social worker and I don't know how to speak turkish (but I can learn), so I think it will be hard for me to get work in Turkey. But in Norway... if you want to get a job you almost need an education 99% of the time. So I think it would be hard for him to get a job here. And he need to learn Norwegain of course. The one thing that scares me is to not know. Should I let go of my life here, sell my apartment, quit my job to an uncertain future? Or should he? I also have study loan that I need to pay, so I need a job if I am moving to Turkey in the future. I can't ask him to pay for my debt. But I think I have found a middleway I have the right to get unpaid permition from work if I want to study some more. I can study online. I was thinking of Sociology or maybe Journalism for one year. I can rent out my apartment for a year and live in Turkey. I will, of course, get more study loan. I not shure if I can get a visa for a year? But then me and my boyfriend will figure out if we are right for eachother, the normal - everyday life we will experience together ++. And if I do this next autumn I think I have what I need with the salary per year ++ if we want to move to Norway and he must apply for a visa. I don't know... I haven't told him about my idea yet. He wants us to get married and say that we can live in Turkey or Norway. It is up to me where we are going to live. When I go back in November we have to figure this out. What should we do? What have you been doing if you have been in a relationship with someone who lives in a different country? I will be happy for the respons and advice from you! Anything will help because I am lost and my brain is tired of all the thinking. PS! This wasn't so short after all. Sorry about that!
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