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  1. I would say this sounds something exactly out of Turkish TV series or you have to give him credit for having a wild imaginary mind to come up with this story. I would not believe him one bit but that is just me. I am sure what happened what his family liked you because they knew you were just temporarily and he had his finance in Turkey. Sorry to have this happened to you but I am glad you only invested in him 7 months and not years.
  2. Not sure how long you two dated but it seems that he got angry for stepping into his personal life/family. Maybe he wasn't so serious with you and that's why he reacted that way. I do believe that his parents do not accept foreign because most ( I say most not all) do not accept anyone who is foreign (speaking from personal experience). You are entitled to ask questions and for him to answer any doubts you have. The fact that he didn't and brushed off the questions means either he was not serious with you or has something to hide...maybe like you mentioned an arranged marriage or Finance. I do
  3. Really sorry to hear about your situation. Going on to your questions about if you stepped his boundary or not? I think it does not matter at this point if you did or not because you have no future with him since he said he cannot marry foreign women. I am concerned about why are you going to meet him if you know nothing will happen. It will just create more pain for you after seeing what you cannot have. Why does he want to meet you if he knows that nothing serious can happen between you and him? Unless you are ok with just having a fling and moving on.
  4. Yes it is to the same person Thank you for the information. The reason is that we wanted to have two wedding including officials (Judge) certifying the marriage in both marriages both in the USA and in Turkey. He wanted to have his family involved over in Turkey during this signing process too. Guess we can sign translation marriage certificatedocuments as part of signing process either here or over there.
  5. Yes, but I wanted to know if it is possible to do it twice.
  6. Hello, I have a question. Can you get married twice one in the USA and the other in Turkey? I am not speaking ceremony wise. I am speaking legally. For example, we get married in the USA with a judge can we get married with a judge over there too?
  7. I was reading up on your story and really happy that the two of you will be together again really soon. I do agree that it is very complicated to deal with Turkish parents. You say that they are not totally against your relationship but this could be that they do not see you as a threat yet since you are so far away. Dating and marriage can be two complete ball games for them. Although they might agree with you two dating from a long distance, they can react differently and put their foot down if they find out you are in Turkey and your intentions are to marry in the future. You definitely ha
  8. I can really relate to this situation....only big differnce is that I am here in USA and he went over to Turkey for 3 weeks for vacation for holiday. He is also planning to tell his mother about our relationship while he is over there. What makes it complicated is that you are actually over there....I wish I could know why would he bring you over there without taking in cosideration his mothers approval before making you move to Turkey. You are probaly correct...he was thinking fast and followed his heart without thinking much of anything. My thoughts are probaly he thought his mother was not
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