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  1. Hi no they don't have turkish citizenship as they are English and I can take English materials with me I was,hoping I could get them into creche so I can work while I am out there is this possible? Do my children have to be citizens before they can join school?
  2. Hi meral Thank you I don't mind them going to a turkish school I just worry whether they will enjoy it my girls are definitely fast learners especially my 5 yr old she loves to learn and very quick at it.(I know all mum's say it about their children but she really is) I worry more about my 3 year old as she is very shy and not as confident as my other child I am quite quick at adapting so I thin they will be too what would my children be in would be creche or full time school as I know the age differs in Turkey? Thank you for your help x Also how does health care work in Turkey as my young
  3. Hello me and my fiance who is turkish are planning on me moving to turkey I have a 5 and 3 year old I live in England I am wanting to move there but my worry is school for my children I will be moving to arumutlan area and I just worry whether my girls would settle with school etc can anyone give me any advise??
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