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  1. To Danielleat, Faisal and istanbulWhiteboy! Hello Danielleat! I am so happy for you and your boyfriend! Of course there are many many Turkish guys who are genuine and loving and I am so happy to hear about that you and your boyfriend are happy together. Unfortuately me and Erdal are not...and I am now starting to believe that maybe it isnät the age difference that is the problem but more tha thing that I am only 16. I don't really know where to go from here but er are ot together as a couple right now. But you didn't mention, was your young age never a problem to your bo
  2. Hello Meral and thank you for your answer. Yes I have been thinking about those options too, maybe he is just using it as an excuse.... I don't know really but i think it is some sort of excuse. Not that he don't like me but more that he maybe thinks that we both are too young and that he want to do and meet more people until he gets more serious with someone. and he actually also told me that he thinks that we both need to know more, so.... Ok I really appreciate all of your answers and I will think about what to do next. if anyone else would like to answer feel free to do so,
  3. Hello Faisal and thank you for your answer! What did you mean with: "The only issue might be that you are 16 and being 16 is not a sin." Please explain more. I don't really know yet where this relationship is going, we have not known each other for so long, but I feel like if we were boyfriend and girlfriend for a couple of years I would like to marry him. I feel that he is the one and I am also willing to wait for him for two years if I have to. So yes I am looking forward to marrying him in the future. But my issue is why he is talking so much about the age difference when peo
  4. Thank you YabanciGirl! So it isn't the fact about our age difference that is the problem but more that I am young and traditions, you think? Can you please explain a little more what you mean? So why do you think he stalking about the age difference then, he has done it since we met? i also want to add that I spoke to one woman married to a Turkish man, who also said that they didn't see our age difference as such a problem and I told him and he then said that for his place and family the age is a problem and that it is't ok until I am 18. Pauline
  5. Thank you for your answer Ciara! I am so happy to hear about your story and that it's working out for the two of you. I am so envious... I am a little surprised about this thing that they seem to think that an age difference is such a bi issue. i am from Sweden and here people have said "oh isn't he a bit too lod for you, but they doesn't feel that is't impossible. I am sad because even though we are going to stay as friends I am not sure that we will still love each other or even be single in two years from now if we are not together as a couple. I really donut want to loose him,
  6. Hello everyone! I am new to this forum and I would really appreciate your advice, especially you who are in a relationship with a Turkish guy or from anyone Turkish. I am only 16 years old an I have fallen in love with a Turkish guy, his name is Erdal, when I was on vacation in Kemer. I was on a holiday with my parents and siblings for the first time in Turkey and I hardly knew anything about Turkey and I didn't know that so many European girls are dating Turkish guys. After I met Erdal and have search the internet I am really surprised how many European girls actually are dating T
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