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  1. HobbitTR thanks for the response, here some details Age : 55 Born in Turkey and left at age 18 so very fluent in Turkish and has family in Istanbul/Bursa Single Lived in Austin. San Antonio, Houston, Minneapolis, Seatlle and San Jose Currently employed in IT business (with a computer science degree) a strict vegetarian Looking to retire, where are all the Americans? would not need to work but it might not be bad idea to do so, and will be there to explore early summer thanks
  2. HI Guys I am new here , I am Turkish but spent better part of the last 30+ years in Texas now looking to move back in few years I am not even sure where to start asking questions but once i have initiated the conversation I think it'll l get deeper for the starters , what are you all's thoughts on living in somewhere in the south after staying out of the country for a such a long time ? any thought ? thanks in advance. Cihan
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