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  1. Hello friends, I am curious about one question, in 2008, 1 USD was equal to 1.15 TL but now in 2020 1 USD is 6 Turkish Lira. Why is it so? I tried to do a research, at that time Turkish GDP was at 750 Billion $ and now it is 850 Billion $. The economy over time has increased the GDP but the Lira is going down. Why is it so? And if lira was almost equal to Dollar, is it possible now if corrective actions are taken in the monetary policy to get Lira back to its previous glory standing head to head with the dollar? Looking forward for opinion, THY
  2. I have applied for the renewal of my residence permit and still waiting for the card to arrive. Meanwhile, I have to leave Turkey for some emergency. I am taking that 15 days return pass with me but I may not be able to return to Turkey within those 15 days. My application has been assessed positively and now is in card printing stage. I have already given a power of attorney (Vekkalet) to a friend of mine so that he is entitled to receive my residence permit from PTT in my absence. Once he receives that card. Can he send that card to me by courier to my home country so that I can use this card while I return to Turkey so I do not have to get a visa?
  3. Hey Elubzen, I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience with the Goc Idaresi. I have two questions to ask. Did they give you a 2-year touristic residence permit or they gave you for one year? At the time of renewal when you applied, did you have to wait for the appointment date or immediate you were asked to send the documents by PTT? As for your situation is concerned, actually, the investor residence permit gives you the right to apply for the citizenship after five years, therefore the Goc Idare is very conscious while giving away such residence permits. I have had a similar experience as you; I bought an apartment 100% on my name with no partners last April. I went to apply for the investor status. They said that your house is based on the Blue Tapu which is the land Tapu and not the building Tapu, therefore, we could only give you a touristic residence permit. Before that day I was unaware of what is a Land and a House Tapu. Anyhow they gave me a touristic residence permit and I still have that. Looking forward to the answer.
  4. Hey fellas, I haven't been active recently. Is there any update regarding this post? The above given information is correct and official?
  5. I am sorry to hear about your unfortunate story. I hope things are good now for you. My question is what is in it for the developer who is demolishing the old building and making a new building.. Giving you rent money until building is made and also give you money for transportation of your goods. And once done; the owners get a flat once again without paying anything.. What is in it for the developer in it???
  6. See your question shifted a bit.. First you asked what is legal and what is illegal. This is to do with the laws written in the books and constitution. People do work illegally but obviously this is illegal and may if caught be deported.. Foreigners work hard and are paid much less than locals and at some places even the Police and other relevant departments also have corruption but having said that at the end of the day. Illegal work is Illegal work.
  7. As far as I know. You can keep your current residence permit and also get a work permit.. Infact your children and wife will not get a work permit. It is only you as an individual.. If you own a property and got a residence permit it means you already have an investor residence permit.. It is a valuable asset since it allows you to apply for passport after 5 years but if you are an American citizen I do not think this must be an attraction to you. Anyway you can keep the current residence permit valid and get a work permit for yourself. I know people who are working on a work permit and also have a residence permit independant of work permit. Good luck.
  8. There are two things... Permission to live and permission to work. The Tourist residence permit is permission to live for 'touristic' purposes only. Any type of Residence permit is a permission to live only. Even the family residence permit (that spouses of Turks) get is also a residence permit hence only giving permission to live. Permission to work is a work permit. Which an employer applies and gets on your behalf for you. This is the only way to legally work in Turkey. Another way is live as a tourist for 8 years and apply for a long term residence permit and a non restrictive work permit. This allows you to work anywhere in Turkey without a need for work permit but it needs at least eight years of uninterrupted residence in Turkey (11 months in every 12 months).
  9. It's been quite a long time since I last came here on this website; I missed the website too. Let me give some news about me. I have purchased an apartment in Istanbul in April 2017. I have been a bit busy so did not apply for the change of residence permit type from 'short term tourism' to 'short term house owner'. I got an appointment and upon the day of randevu; the immigration officer didn't seem to speak good English; anyway he looked through my documents and rejected to transfer from 'short term tourism' to 'short term house owner'. The reason he gave was that my TAPU was a LAND (ARSA) BLUE TAPU and this type of TAPU must have at least 50% of Land on your name; I tried to explain him that it is an ARSA (LAND TAPU) because the building is made in 1998 and this is how they used to do things that time; now they give a new red TAPU which is apartment TAPU. This system was not enforced in 1998. I can not have 50% of land on my name because this building has 15 apartment and the land area is divided among all the apartment owners. I only have 1/21 part (10 meters square from 210). BUT I had a Belediye paper which showed that apartment is a 75 m2 2+1. It showed the street name and everything but they did not seem to agree to my explanation. According to their explanation; if I buy a 15 or 20 thousand lira land (house) in a village in Turkey they would accept it as property ownership since I will have 100% land rights but I invested more than 150.000 lira and they are not ready to accept it as investment because I only had 1/21 of the land. This is a very amazing and frustrating type of situation. This must not happen. House means a house when I can also provide them with bank statements and all they must accept my case. Anyway so what they suggested me is that I keep living on a 'short term tourist' and just change the address to my new house address and that's it. But this also means that in the records of Goc Idaresi I will remain a tourist and after five years I can not apply for a citizenship. I wish to get an opinion on this situation here. Is it mandatory to have 'short term house owner' for five years to get citizenship or the actual requirement is to have a house on name for five years and living on tourist or other type of residence permit makes a little difference. Just having house on name for five years will qualify?
  10. In Istanbul. You can go to Directorate General of Migration Management (DGMM) and there is a special desk where you can modify your address and other minor information in the system. If you live outside Istanbul; Your DGMM must have the same desk. Do call 157 and confirm.
  11. Hey fellow, The new information as of 2017 and in Istanbul districts. If you have a Tapu on your name. You wish to add your spouse or any family (father, mother, sister) member name to the ownership. It is NOT POSSIBLE to do directly. There is only one way to do it. You will have to sale that property (transfer) to a third person other than you and the person your willing to add in the TAPU. Then wait for a month and then that third person (if still not greedy and remains loyal and willing to return you your property) will go to Tapu office and transfer it to you and the person you wanted to add in. Or there is a cheaper way; Make a will in Turkey that if you die the property will go to a person (whose name you wanted to add to tapu).
  12. Hey, Yes It can be a problem and they can ask you to get another appointment with new address and if this is the case specially in Istanbul it may mean you have to wait another 3 months before new appointment date. If you have already taken the appointment the best action is to visit their main office in Eminyet Fatih and narrate them your situation and ask them for a solution possible; they will get you better. And if you are given a date and a time; it means you can not post. You should not post. When you need to post; the appointment date and time fields are left empty or dashes; Good luck.
  13. Hey friends, So here comes the moment about which I have been talking since long time; I am about to buy an apartment in Istanbul in this month. I have visited some Emlak and used Sahibinden website to find suitable options in the district I live in; I have short listed 4; Now I plan to ask their owners to give me the photocopy of their TAPU so I can visit the Belediyesi and get information on the age of property and when the demolition is due. The owners of property told me that age is between 16-20 years but to be sure I have to visit the Belediye which I will. I wish to know if anyone of you knows; what is the average age of a 5/6 storey residential apartment building in Istanbul? I also wish to ask the members and specially Ken and others who have knowledge to kindly guide me with basic process on what is going to happen on the day of purchase and at what stage do I pay to the seller the amount and at what stage I pay to Emlak and how many days it takes to get the TAPU? I need these basic information and in general I need basic procedure on what is going to happen on day of purchase and what to expect and how things will go? Looking forward.
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