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  1. Thought I would revive this hot topic, now 3 years on almost since the last post. For me this end of summer cannot come too early, the heat has been unbearable, would welcome a cool swim right now and this morning there were clouds in the sky and it got cooler thanks to a stiff breeze, more please! Just can't wait for all those local tourists to leave and give us the place back too!!
  2. It is surprising how one does get used to the heat, however, the crowds and the ott prices are something else. Just recently, I have got a lot more pleasure and satisfaction by crossing that small stretch of water from Cesme to the nearest Greek island of Chios. I have found the people open and friendly and the cost of doing most things compares well with cesme, despite being in the euro zone. Most noteably, when it comes to going to the beach, sun bed and shades are free! you just need to have a drink or something to eat, this seems an alien concept across the water. Even the roads and drive
  3. Yeah Cesme is a beautiful place,especially out of season, but when its hot and crowded and not exactly cheap, where do you go?
  4. I know this has nothing to do with this topic but I tried to start a new topic but there is no link when to post it when I try, frustrating or what??
  5. Well good luck to her, I hope she is a better driver trainer than the clowns over here!
  6. At the moment a number of schools are getting ready to open in Izmir, all crying out for teachers, especially native speakers ,qualified and experienced, if you have those items under your belt securiing a job will not be difficult!
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