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  1. Hi There, We are taking part in a charity drive from London to Mongolia and have been involved in a pretty bad crash just out of Gallipoli. All three of us are ok but the car got hit on the side by a bus going 100+kph and we are pretty sure it is totaled. We are all from Australia and the car is registered in the UK. I guess we are just seeking suggestions or assistance regarding import taxes etc if the car is not drivable otherwise ways in which we can get it out of the country as to avoid paying hefty import taxes? Also, we bought insurance on the boarder but we are not sure if it is comprehensive or 3rd party only. The car itself is worth less than 600GBP as it was only ment to get us to mongolia but it now has upwards of 5000 in damages! We speak no turkish. Any help would be much appreciated! Thankyou Harry
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