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  1. The nufus office shows a different address to the electric office and electric bills not in my name which address is required on the application and rental agreement ?
  2. private or state health care does not cover for pre existing condition so your father would need to pay for any treatment for diabetes or heart issues. You need to have health cover in place when you apply for your residency permit....you just need your tax number, SGK currently covers families with children up to 18 (not your father he would need his own) all for one fee of around $100 per month. Private cover is a little more expensive but for individuals only. hospitals are excellent but aftercare is poor here compared to uk you need health cover before you can get your residency try emigration insurances for first year, SGK is available after 1 year and will cover families with children up to 18 for a monthly fee of around $100 (your father would need his own) private health cover is a bit more but only covers individuals...pre exisiting conditions are not covered so any treatment would need to be paid for separate for that. they all cover emergency dental treatment.
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