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  1. Anybody knows where I can have set of vaccinations (meningitis, typhoid, and yellow fever)? As I live in Gaziantep, it seems that it is difficult to find hospital or health clinics which provide this service. Even the big hospital such as Medical Park doesn't have this facility. Thanks Yasinta
  2. I heard that there will be new residency permit application starting from 01 January 2015. The application has to be done in Turkish Embassy or Turkish Consulate. Any other information about document required, time consuming, etc - will be appreciated. Thank you Yasinta
  3. REDDERS, thanks for info! I'll try to check with central PTT as well! Hope I can get more information about it!
  4. I am wondering what to do after 90 days no news on my residency permit ID. I submitted my complete application to local police in Beyoglu, Istanbul in early May 2014 and until today no news that my permit ID has arrived. The police officer gave me the ID validity up to 30 September 2014 and soon it is time to renew it and I also need to go out of Turkey. Personally I have checked in local police office / Yabancilar Sube Mudurlugu but they informed me it should be mailed to my address directly from Ankara. I am waiting for the postman in my hotel residence and nothing yet. I visited post office and no mail for me either . Honestly I am confused what to do next. It crosses my mind to hire a lawyer in this regard, will it be "worthy" to do so? Please advise! Thanks a lot!
  5. I am wondering how to follow it up as it takes longer than normal waiting period to receive my Ikamet. Any suggestion? I rang the police office but either it kept ringing or in busy tone. Thanks again.
  6. I renewed my residency permit in Istanbul in 7th May 2014 and the police office accepted all the complete documents as requested. Then I received a piece of paper written that the Turkish ID / Ikamet will be sent to my (hotel) address where I stay although the police officer couldn't give me information about the approximate day / period I will receive my ID because it is now processed by Ankara. As far as I understand it takes maximum 90 days for my new ikamet to be mailed. With hope that it will arrive on time, I am wondering how long approximately it takes in reality for me to receive my ikamet by mail. Thanks
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