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  1. sevgi sen mustafa yi unut bu saatten sonra ben söyledim bloke yi kaldır diye o da benim sayemde seni arkadaş ekledi ama birazdan seni silecek. thank youuuuuuuuuuuu a lot
  2. ma english bad i dont undersand messaje from my ex girlfrind plz hilp me thank you plz not from google thank you _you know i did love you from the first time i did see you we was talking together everyday i did see you everyday on camera i was so happy i rememer how i found you i did like you a lot ramazan a lot u made me very happy girl you know why i got married very quickly its because i didnt belive that you loved me i did think you only wanted to play with my feelings you was 21 you was a boy i was so scared that i will get hurt by you , so i said yes to marry him and i was not happy but i said to myself that i will forget you , i told my husband that i dont love him like he want and that iam in love with another guy (which its you) he said its okey he told me that he will make me fall in his love very quickly and i told him that i cant be with him like a real wife (means he cant kiss me or touch me or sleep with me) and he said that he will wait till i fall in his love soo i was happy for that , then the days pass the months pass the years pass and he start getting angry cos i could not love him it was not as easy as i taught it would be , because i could not forget you you was in my heart and in my mind i was thinking about you every day i was secretly crying i was not happy and my husband was a good man cos he did respect me and he didnt force me for anything(sex) he tried but i always say no and he go away but i couldnt keep like that it was like i was living in hell cos i dont love him thats why i decide to devorce him i prefer to live with my family alone and i will lock your love deep in my heart ramazan,,,,
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