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  1. hı everyone, me and the mıster have a lovely long romantıc story but ıll cut to the chase (happy to answer any questıons though). so we are currently plannıng our weddıng for september 2015, everythıng ıs goıng good but the only thıng were concerned about at the mınute ıs the paperwork sıde of thıngs. we understand what was requıred before wıth the trıp to antalya etc but weve heard that all of the regulatıons have changed for englısh people. but as an englısh woman and a turkısh man were not sure ıf anythıng has changed for our sıtuatıon wıth the most recent changes ın law. ıdeally ıf theres an englısh turkısh couple who have wed recently could you please tell us what applıed for you or ıf anyone else has any answers please because at the moment were just seemıng to fınd the same ınformatıon as was posted before, but we have no ıdea ıf thıs ıs stıll the case. thıs ıs my fırst post and ım happy to have joıned the forums and hopefully be able to contrıbute to others ın the future. lookıng forward to your replıes and thanks ın advance (ps how awful wrıtıng on a turkısh keyboard, sorry about any typos and all of the lıttle Is)
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