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  1. I have a small garden and started planting a few berries and fruit trees that I love however, I can not find any blueberries. I am a Canadian and there are a few fruits that I miss ( blueberries being one, cranberries another ) The blueberries that are labeled as such are not the ones I recognize. I live in Izmir and have a summer house/garden in Ayvalik. Any suggestions ?
  2. I am interested in this topic . I have a residency permit for another two years. I don't have Health Insurance coverage as at the time when I got my permit it wasn't required. Can anybody advise me what Health Insurance provider to sign up with ? I will need it on residency permit renewal. Abbreviations don't mean much. I assume most of the expats sign up with the State Insurance ( SGK ? )
  3. Some of these apps may have been mentioned in the forum. For all learners of Turkish there are websites and apps ( some free and some for a minimal cost ) with written, audio and video materials both for academic and social language. Apps that I have downloaded for iPad ( and where there was a version iPhone as well ) - Turkish in a month - Sesli Sozluk ( dictionary ) -Babbel - Busuu - Essentials - Quizlet - Flashcards A website [email protected] ( here the instructions could be in English, Greek or Turkish) My favorite is Essentials , then comes Turkish in a Month.
  4. O. K. Got it ! My next question now is does anybody know an agency in Izmir to help me with obtaining a Turkish Driving Licence ? I found one " 9ekim.com " - any insights ?
  5. Thanks Ibrahim. I will take this question further , maybe write to the Canadian Ambasy in Ankara , will think of something. Full taxes paid should come with the same privileges as afforded to Turkish citizens. I still believe this is a mistake : foreigners go through the hoops for legal documents and when they get them don't questıon anything. Thıs was defınıtely for the Blue plates but then was extended haphazardly to all foreign own cars. The Traffic Department could not show me the "rule, or regulation with this restriction " but they do it rutinely. The problem arises if somebody else drives the car and is involved in an accident , probably the insurance will not pay.
  6. There is something missing , a gap in the law . The restrictions were originally there for the "blue plates" for which people did not pay taxes. I paid the same taxes as any Turkish citizen - why the restrictions then?
  7. Cukurbagli, thanks for the reply. Do all foreigners have "M" plates? Can I change the plate? Can I on the insurance papers " designate a driver" ?
  8. New to the forum trying desperately to find information about driving restrictions. Bought a new Toyota car and received MG plates and also restrictions as to who can drive this car. Is this a mistake or can I have " designated drivers" so that my friends can drive the car when I am not in Turkey ? Does it also mean that if I sell the car I can only sell it to a foreigner? I looked at many sites before buying the car and there was no mention of restrictions unless it was a " blue plate ". I would appreciate some information. I am Canadian retired in Turkey so maybe the rules are different according to nationality?!
  9. Hi Sunny,You seem to an expert on many things related to living in Turkey. I am new to Izmir, retired ,have residency permit and bought a car ( after researching on every possible site )This was a new car from Toyota dealer in Izmir . To my surprise I got an MG plate and restrictions as to who can drive my car - that means my Turkish friends can not drive it when I am not here? Can I put on the insurance " designated drivers " if they are not family? I really need help. Did Toyota make a mistake? Is there ant authority I can call to find the answer? Can the restrictions be erased?..??
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