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  1. If you only know him from social media, I would not send him any money if I were you. A Turkish man would be highly unlikely to ask his girlfriend for money for such a thing, even if the story is true. But, it is common in various "love scams" where a man develops a romance with a foreign woman online, then later says he is in some terrible situation and needs money. This is VERY common. I have never heard of any system where a soldier has to pay for time off. The very idea makes no sense. Leave is already included in a solder's compensation package. Besides, 3,000 TL is VERY little money
  2. I assume from that Azerbaijan is much more conservative (Muslim?) than Turkey. But that also depends on where you are in Turkey, and the family traditions of the girl. In Western Turkey/Istanbul, with many girls (especially around age 25) it would be perfectly acceptable to ask them if they would like to meet for a chat somewhere at a cafe or some other public place. But it would probably be better at first to ask her with her friends. The words aren't so important. It isn't a marriage proposal. But I don't know anything about who he wants to talk to. If she wears a veil, and is religious/cons
  3. I really don't know what you mean. How would you go about doing what you want to do in Azerbaijan with a girl from Azerbaijan?
  4. Yes. From that question I take it you are not of Turkish nationality as said in your profile. Lots of men and women date members of the opposite sex while trying to find the person they want to marry. It doesn't mean they are "playing" anybody. They are just enjoying themselves and meeting people, whether their ultimate aim is marriage or not.
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