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  1. That was a hard quiz. Got 70% though.
  2. Today my electricity got shut off. I went down to the lobby and opened a panel on the wall. There along with the electricity meters, I discovered the local electric company's billing system. How stupid of me to think they would put my electric bills in my mailbox.
  3. Passing this on from our local newsletter regarding some recent break-ins and thefts of villas on Yarim Ada. I expect that some of you already know that some burglaries have occurred recently in our area. I have checked with the Polis Chief and the following are the facts. Three break-ins into empty villas have happened for certain on the Yarimada, windows jemmied open. In one it is thought that the perpetrators stayed there for a while. Some robberies in Çerçıler and quite a lot in Kalkan. Items stolen were mainly TVs, sat. receivers, computers and booze. There was al
  4. A recent announcement has it that Kaş will get its own Directorate General for Migration Management office, and they will do interviews for first-time residence permit applications. That is all I know at this point. Should save a lot of petrol money!
  5. I think this is the road between Kaş and Kalkan. Bad flooding, big waves. Gave the passengers in this truck a big surprise.
  6. Some nice photos of Kaş. https://www.facebook.com/anadoluajansi/posts/696071500440575
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