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  1. Thank you Ken for your replay. Yes it's per month, but i have a question for you, i read some where in this forum that you live in Izmir before you move to Antalya, would you please suggest to me some nice places close to the sea but not too much touristic places? Thank you in advance
  2. Hello I know there is a lot of topics talking about almost the same thing but i prefer to create a new one to get in touch with the member and maybe I take a better advice. Actually I'm planning to move to Turkey next month, and my company will open a new office in Turkey for Software Developers, at the beginning we will be a 3 persons, we don't care too much about the local business for the beginning but after a year maybe we will start to work with Turkish customers. The main question what is the better place for us, our salaries from 900$ to 1300$, including the apartment rent, we need a place the cheap but also comes with good options as schools, hospitals ...etc. we are now thinking in 2 main cities: 1. Izmir 2. Mersin could you please share with me some advises and please take in consideration our salaries Thank you in advance.
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