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  1. I did ask my fiance, he said I didn't need to bring anything.. I still wanted to reassure myself. Also the whole day went phenomenal. Thank you all for your great advice
  2. It's a breakfast at their club, so the entire family plus friends will be there.. I've already attended dinners... So who would I give the flowers and chocolates to? Thanks for all the advice everyone!!
  3. My fiance & his family invited me to a Kurban bayram breakfast, should I bring anything like gift wise? Someone give me some advice please
  4. Merhaba! Ramadan Mubarak! I'm curious to know if it's acceptable for a Turkish man to marry a Canadian woman? Does it give a bad name to his family? Also, I'm learning the language & how to cook Turkish food.
  5. What do you mean exemption on grounds of having done equivalent service in Canada? @meral
  6. My boyfriend is a Canadian citizen... Does his still have to do military service?
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