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  1. Thanks Ibrahim.. Your words make me feel good about the trip. Thanks for the input!
  2. Hi, I'm planning a trip to Turkey in September this year and I've short-listed some of the places that I plan on visiting. I need advice on how many days per each of these cities shall be good. I do not want to be on the road too much. Would like to stay at a place for a while and get the feel of it instead of doing too many places and spending too little time per city. You may also advice me to exclude some of these from my itinerary if you feel one of the cities is too similar to another. Following is the list. Thanks Istanbul Bursa Izmir Ephesus Alacati Bodrum Fethiye (blue lagoon, butterfly valley, Ölüdeniz) Pamukkale Antalya (duden waterfal) Konya (Dervesh) Cappadocia - Goreme Trabzon (Sümela Monastery) Rize Hamad
  3. Thanks for the super-hospitality. Would certainly get in touch if I come to Antalya. I'll be visiting Bursa first hopefully in October. Thank you guys!
  4. Hi, Was hoping to get some SGK related answers by foreigners who are already living in Turkey. I'm considering to relocate within the next 6 months and have some questions 1) Based on updated and current SGK rules, is it mandatory for foreigners to opt in for SGK? 2) Can foreigners opt-in only after 1 year of RP? 3) SGK costs roughly $100 per month per couple? 4) SKG covers most medical care and surgeries except for cosmetic surgeries and cosmetic dental care? 5) My father has heart diseases and has gone through angioplasty twice. He also has diabetes and spends about $100 per month on insulin here in Pakistan. What choices does he have in regard with the health insurance, SGK or private or both. If private which one. 6) Are they are any good cardiology hospitals in or around Bursa. PS: Health insurance isn't popular in Pakistan and generally we pay per visit or per procedure so I'm an insurance noob. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Thank you so much Ken for such detailed review. Thanks YabanciGirl too. This will ease up decisions for me. Will soon be visiting these cities for the decision.
  6. Hi, I was hoping those living in Turkey can provide some insight on this.. Which cities among Antalya, Bursa, Fethiye, Izmir & Bodrum rank better compared to each other on factors such as cost of living, employment opportunities, quality of life etc. Thanks
  7. Thank you everyone for all the info.. I'll be looking into both Kucukcekmece & bahcesehir and I've already done my research on Fethiye. @IstanbulWhiteboy & @Goreme1990 I work from home as software-dev for a US based company so I've got my bills covered. Was just hoping to have a side-income through a small business as I will be adding up to my expenses when I relocate but I just read that I can't work in my own business :/What about tax laws? I read a clause which "appeared" that I may be eligible for a tax holiday"the salaries paid by a non-resident employer from sources outside of Turkey. This exemption is specifically applicable for salaries of representative office (liaison office) employees."
  8. Hi, I look forward to relocating to Turkey with my wife and parents. I need ideas about what would be the most suitable place for my family. Im looking at 4-bed villas. Although I've read about health insurance and residency, still wanted to clarify somethings.1) What would be the ideal place to live. My preference is not a big city, but not a small town either. Something with population between 100k to 500k. With things to do: Cinemas, bowling alleys, restaurants, concerts etc. I'm looking at suburbs and away from crowd and noise. Would also like to know which option would be most economic in terms of housing. Currently I'm looking at Fethiye & Bodrum but I suspected both are small towns? Population seem to be below 100k for both. Do you think one could have a home in towns like them? Not a holiday home but a home. 2) Also I would ideally like places with great schools and hospitals. I would never compromise on education for (unborn) child so I'm certainly considering that. 3) Something with some business opportunities. Not a big business, but a small grocery store or a convenience store. 4) About health insurance, my parents are covered by the government in their home country. Would they not need health insurance for the RP? Does that mean only me and my wife will need to purchase health insurance. I have heard the govt. charges per couple (and dependent children). So does that mean just one insurance for 200 TL per month would be sufficient? 5) Are there any other recurring or big costs associated with relocation other than: Purchasing a house, paying for the RP, paying for health insurance. Would appreciate any info / help. Thanks in advance!
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