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  1. Thanks for the info guys. I'll certainly give it a try on Monday. Fingers crossed I get an understanding officer.
  2. Hi, Im resident in Istanbul. After my anticipated wait to renew my visa on the new system using the postal application service I tried applying for my renewal today but on my attempts got told that I was not recognised on the system. Frustrating part is I've got all documents ready to go then face this problem. I wonder if anyone else has encountered this problem ? Or advice on the issue. Help would be most grateful.!
  3. Hi,Thanks for your comment.I think you've miss understood me.He wants to divorce his ex they are still married.He has no contact address for her. So after 6yrs when she left him, how can he divorce with out her?
  4. My partner of 4 years is still married to a British citizen to which the marrage took place here in Turkey. It has now been 6 years since they've seperated. In the beginning of our relationship there was contact between my partner & his ex-wife as they have twins together, But as soon as he started to mention divorce she then ignored him. With no contact for at least 3-4 years he doesn't have an exact address for her anymore. All he know's is that She lives in the UK. Now after this period of 6 years not together not knowing where she is.Does my partner actually need her to divorce? I
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