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  1. I also had my appointment at Sariyer and my RP was in my hand 10 days after my appointment. But as you said, stories vary and it's never predictable
  2. If you are staying with your boyfriend in his rented apartment, do what I did and get a taahhutname. Your boyfriend must go with you to the noter for this, you can't go alone
  3. Mmmm good question....when they looked my boyfriend up in their system they were checking his address. So you would be put on the address of whoever you take with you. So it would get all screwed up, it won't work for you Bummer! I hope you find a solution. If I think of anything, I will let you know
  4. Really? That seems like a lot! There's no such thing as a favour obviously A few of my friends also got stung when they took their contracts to the noter, and in the contract a rental deposit was mentioned, and then they charged some fee because of that??? Really weird, but it definately happened to a few of them, not just one. Do you live with someone? I found a really easy way to prove address without needing any contract at all. I went with my boyfriend (we live together) to the noter and we asked for a taahhutname. I had my passport, he had his kimlik. They looked him up in their syste
  5. Wow I'm very sorry to hear that BacktoBodrum....the more I read about this the more I am totally understanding you. What a shame. Thankyou very much for your reply though. I wish you all the best for the future, I know how hard it can be.
  6. Hi all! I have been looking into starting a small tour company in Istanbul with some extended family who are turkish citizens and also licensed professional tour guides. However the red tape is a bit confusing and information is not easy to come by. It seems like similar small tour businesses have to use the name of a larger tour company and travel agency for "logistics" within Turkey. For example small group walking food tours in Istanbul need to use the name of a larger company in order to operate. Does anyone know about this? How does this work? How can I find a larger company in order to
  7. Thanks Meral and goreme...yep I've figured out now that this is a lot of hassle for 30kg of stuff I should just buy again. I honestly didn't expect it to be that hard!
  8. Hey ken, I checked out emirates, this is the airline I usually fly with and it will be more than $1100....wow! But maybe this will be easier to avoid any customs/red tape that may come with shipping? Not sure
  9. I need to bring an extra suitcase containing just clothes and shoes, weighing approximately 30kg from australia to Turkey. Has anyone had any experience with this? Does anyone know the best way to go about it?
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