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  1. Dear Members, I wish you a Happy New Year! I hope that it will be a year full of happiness, health and prosperous. Warm Regards, Tugba
  2. You'r welcome If she has residence permit for UK: she doesn't have to get visa (nevertheless pls confirm from consulate ) If she hasn't: she can apply directly any France Consulate in UK (but she has to submit all requested documents)
  3. Your wife and stepson have to apply by online (you can find all required information on this website: http://www.vfsglobal.com/france/turkey/english/index.html) or phone call center ( +90 0212 373 58 10-11) for get an appointment with their passport information. If they got another schengen visa "previously": they do not have to go interview. But, if it will be their first schengen visa: they have to go interview to Ankara or Istanbul and give their fingerprints! please do not hesitate to contact with me
  4. Hi xede75, Ken is definitely right, Alsancak is good choice for moving and transportation between Alsancak to Buca is too comfortable with Izban (it takes maximum 15min Alsancak - Sirinyer: DEAD LINK) for the gym: there are a lot of gyms in Alsancak but the favorite one is Sportz 232.
  5. Dear Goreme 1990, Yes, Alex did not say this man was from east part but unfortunately, I know the reason : Im working in a travel agency as manager since 2005 and I always get this kind of complaints from our european colleagues... the same story - the same result! when I search and try to find person who is imposter, I always learn that they are from east part...
  6. Hi Alex, I'm sorry for you! I hope that you will never meet again with this kind of man... Unfortunately, there are too many idiot in Turkey who is from east part of country. I feel ashamed for them Never trust a man who is working in a touristic place!!!
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