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  1. I didn't mention it but TugbaSenturk is right this man Tahir Ure, he is from Antakya, Hatay province
  2. They use our feelings just to get our money. Its so cruel. I tell everybody about this guy and about my story to prevent other girls from such mistakes.
  3. Tahir Ure - turkish love rat, gigolo. He is 34, lives in Bodrum.Married on english woman, have a dauther. I met him last year in hotel Ambrosia in Bitez.Now he works in gumbet in Beach House Cafe. He always told me that he is in love with me that will live together all our lives.But then he start to ask me for money. First his father past away, then his brother comes to prison, then he had to pay big borrow to his bank.Yes i was in love and i was stuped and i belived in all that stories, and gave him money.After six month of dating i realized that i'm not the only girl whom he talked about his
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