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  1. 2 weeks ago I received my residence permit card, this is the first time I applied.. I have a question.. I knwo if you change the address you provided for the application then you have to register in your new Nüfus Mudurlugu, I assume it's already registered or am I assuming too much??? Thank you in advance, dear all.. Francisco
  2. thank you everyone!!!! By the way, another isssue is haunting me for a couple of nights. what about Address registration?? I know if you change your address you need to register it in the new Nüfus Mudurlugu.. i guess my address is already registered in the system since this is my first application and already communicate my address, right?? or am I assuming too much??
  3. thank you all.. unfortunately I never got a text from PTT.. but luckily I got the card today at last.. By some misterious reason it was at the local police station.. PTT Kargo left it there saying they couldn't find the adress (????) and I had no notification whatsoever so I could know there was a problem, and the polis memuru told me they were going to send it back to Ankara in a few days!!! everything's allright on the end tough!!!
  4. Herkese merhaba: I am living in Istanbul and applied on 9th January, but I still didnt receive it my residence permit card by mailpost. I now about the up-to-90 days "rule" but I am starting to feell I bit concerned.. is there anyway I could know the status of my delivery?? it would be any help if I ask in my PTT ofice?? what do you think?? Thanks in advance!!!
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