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  1. Hello, Six months ago I went to a trip in Turkey and I bought Turkcell local SIM card, the store staff took my passport and my phone IMEI to activate the SIM. I'm planning to go to Turkey again next month, and I would be already past 120 days since I purchased the SIM. I'm wondering if I have to register my phone this time or will it work since it's another trip? The SIM seems to have to stopped working, I got alert from Turkcell to register my info. I don’t care about the sim if I can get new one but I want make sure I can still use my phone in my next trip Also I plan to
  2. Thanks @Goreme1990 @Ken Grubb for the helpful information! That makes sense, in that case we will apply as soon as I enter Turkey. Thanks, very excited to be in Turkey soon!
  3. Hello, I visited Turkey early this year and bought a house in Istanbul in March. I plan to go back to Turkey in October and I plan to apply for a Real Estate Residence permit. The house is purchased with my name only, but I plan to apply for my whole family (me & wife and two kids). We're very excited to get the permit, but since the house is in my name only. Would be able to make single application for all of us ? Or each family member has to make separate application ? Also I was wondering if it would be possible to apply online before o
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