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  1. I presented a notarized copy of my rental agreement along with a recent utility bill. (my agreement was signed several years ago) This was acceptable last year, and I was not asked for additional documentation when I appeared in person.
  2. The representative asked to make a copy of my older residence permit since I hadn't included it with my application. In addition, he asked how I supported myself in Turkey since I was applying under the tourist category, to which I responded with the same things I indicated on the application. He didn't ask any other questions, or for details, possibly because his English was limited and he understood that I could not speak Turkish. I had enclosed a bank statement with my application that he had before him although he didn't seem to consult it. I asked him to complete the form that would allow me to leave the country for up to 15 days since I might be traveling before I receive my new permit. It took him a bit of time since their systems were running very slowly, but once printed it indicated a tentative new expiration date ending on the same day as my new health insurance policy; 21 days earlier than my existing expiration date. Here, in summary, are the things I gathered from my visit to the Vatan GOC office and speaking/overhearing those around me: - don't go early in the morning, you will experience long lines of one or two hundred people. I suggest going at around 10 or 11am since the lines seemed to have vanished when I walked out of the building. - the new residence permit ends according to the date on your health insurance, don't apply early or you will shorten your renewal period. - the "this health insurance policy is in accordance with" blah blah blah line, must be included as part of the translation of foreign insurance coverage - inclusion of doviz/bank slips are not necessary in the initial application, but may be requested as stated on their forms - GOC will and may phone you, so make sure your number is correct and that you don't screen out their calls - there most likely is a one to two month wait before the card is ready (according to the officer) Good luck everyone!
  3. I just received a call from GOC a few moments ago. The man on the phone spoke very limited English so the most he could communicate to me was that I needed to come in on Thursday and that I needed to go to a particular room. I didn't make out the particular room number. Oddly enough, my meeting with the police was originally suppose to take place on the 4th of June as well. I've already submitted all my documents to them via post and they have signed for it. I sure hope this isn't a mixup and they want me to bring in the same set of documents again. I asked him several times in several different ways if I needed to bring anything, he kept repeating "you come". Anyone else get called?
  4. No, there was no option for that in my renewal form. I posted earlier about paying part of the fee at the bank. I advise people against this. The tax office (for those in Kadikoy, the office is in Bostanci near the metro exit) is the best place to do it. I had to pay the fee again since the teller used the wrong code at the bank. Why the correct codes for payment weren't given on our print up is yet another oversight. I've collected everything necessary. It looks like we don't have to submit our older residence card with the application. Do others have this no longer listed as a required document for renewal or did they changed the wording yet again?
  5. I went to IsBank, they told me they could pay the 55TL fee for the permit but that I should try the same tax office I went to last year for the other fee since their system does not support payment in any currency other than TL and they had no item for it. They also mentioned that if for whatever reason these receipts were not accepted there was no way to get the money back. The documents do indeed ask for insurance for the whole duration, as I have only three weeks left on mine so I went to get the policy so I could complete my application. At this point I don't care if it ends earlier, because I can't go through this sh*t one more time.
  6. finally got my online application for extension in... made a new topic and thread in the forum... good luck everyone!
  7. A few moments ago I managed to submit my online application for renewal (my ikamet expires on the 9th of June). As I reached and passed the final stage of the process I realized that they changed some of the wording. No longer do they ask for an original copy of the passport. After clicking on "I agree to pay blahblah " in a javascript window you a greeted with one more page listing all the support documents you need to include, but not providing any useful details about them, for that you are kindly requested to visit a link at the bottom of the page. Then you click the continue button and you finally reach the last page. On this page there are two links, which you cannot use "open in a new tab" for them to load correctly. Clicking on them will download the documents. The left link will download the filled in form which you need to send, the link on the right has that paper that serves as proof that you can continue to stay legally in Turkey. You can also leave with it and a copy of the necessary payment receipts, as long as your residence permit hasn't already expired. I guess now I need to figure out where to pay these fees. I wish they include some sort of page in Turkish I could show the correct official so they would know what I needed, I doubt guidance has been given to them anyways and I dread trying to navigate this maze with my minimal turkish. I'll try to gather those receipts tomorrow and send everything in. Everything that is "might be requested" I'm sending anyways, so they don't have to bother contacting me again to waste even more money posting it to them. Good luck to everyone and may god have mercy on all of our souls...
  8. I'm lucky today, I got a new error: Sistemde teknik bir hata oluştu, Hata Kodu: ceb3c2a1-80b3-46e2-9f0b-fa134eab7d2a
  9. wow, what a stupid site. apparently you need a cookie set to "english" for your browser session...so you have to click on "english" and then reload the link... -sigh-
  10. new documents have been posted to the site at: http://goc.gov.tr/icerik6/e-residence-applications-are-being-received_914_1015_5778_icerik
  11. Hopefully I can get my private insurance extended this week so I can try it again. I noticed this on the required documents page for extensions "Original and photocopy of the passport or travel document" so they expect us to send our original passports in the mail along with a photocopy? Wonderful system.
  12. I tried mine again a few moments ago, it let me through a few screens, until I got through to the page showing required documents, accidentally closed the tab, tried to go back, I guess you have to re-enter everything again. oh well... this is now a thursday problem
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