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  1. Salah

    tooth implant

    hello everybody, it's great to be here again, it's been a long time. after Covid era, I'm planning to come to Turkey soon and I'm looking for a good dentist clinic in Istanbul for tooth implant and crown work. any suggestions? Regards, Salah
  2. big Thump up here!! informative Video!! thanks Ken
  3. I want to ask if anybody knows a good investment real estate company in Turkey. I live in Kuwait and I get lots of offers from Kuwaiti companies which own real estates in Turkey, and beside they sell you the property( and you get the tapu (property title deed). Some of them offer an "investment contract" for the property in which they will rent it for you for 2 or 3 years and during this period you will get a monthly payment. then after your contract ends you're free to renew the investment contract or sell or rent the property. I would like to know your say about this? some contract have 14% or even 16% annual profit and makes me feel it's too good to be true. Has anybody tried this and worked?
  4. thanks Valer that was awesome!
  5. thank you Mr. Sabahattin that was great, what if I want to register my Idea in Turkey do you where I can do that? do I have to be Turkish to register an Idea? Saygılarımızla Salah
  6. I have an idea for online business, it's new and unique, however I don't know how to implement it because I'm afraid if I told any web development company about it they might steal it,I'm not a programmer myself, my question is how do I approach such companies and protect my Idea and eventually implement it?
  7. Hi Sunny,thanks for the advice, well I chose Fethiye because I have a friend ( which we share almost likes&dislikes) been there and like the place then he bought a property there. i watched the videos he brought with him and i did my research about about the area I think I like it too, however I believe it's essential to go there myself and examine my 1st impression about it.
  8. wow.. I have just got a call from Turkey from Propetyturkey.com they answer my inquiry about a flat on their website, of course I'm not gonna fall for any unnecessary costs after the valuable information I've got now from Turkycentral, because now i intend to do my own trip & my own research, I intend to go to Fethiye next May as the weather will be ok but they're telling me the best time to buy is at these days as in May prices will go up ..is it true?
  9. I don't mine pre-owned places as long as the building in a good condition that's why I have search for new buildings first.
  10. thanks Ken, that was enlightening, now I'm considering going there myself (without any emlak (real estate agent) around and yes I'd like if you could give me some advice about finding a reputable company in person. what you ,IbrahimAbi mentioned earlier about the agent during the "inspection trip" is quite right, however I thought that they would show me the cities attractions and places, I have never been to Fethiye before I have no clue what to do there or where to look for a good trustful property. also I have no idea where to find a good lawyer or solicitor. I would appreciate everybody's feedback on this.
  11. Ok guys here's my situation..the real estate company in Turkey they build their own properties they offer 2 bedroom flat +2 baths and salon about 93m2 full furnished & will be handed over next july( brand new) in Calis Fethyie 2Km away from the beach for 280000 TL( about 64000GBP) the company called Tufan properties in Fethyie. I would ask : what do you think about this price for a flat in Calis Fethiye? what do you think about this company if anybody heard of them?
  12. I'm afraid the website Sahibi.com is no longer active. oops now i got it right from the article you sent it's http://www.sahibinden.com/ thank you Ken.
  13. Thanks IbrahimAbi, Ken,and Silkroute that was really helpful.
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