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  1. Yes, it was hard but life lesson I guess... I texted him again today inspired by that forum here asking if he stole that money or he is planning to pay it back and if he does I asked him abt the time plus I said that person who has intention to pay debt at least say that don't have and give another time to repay or try to pay at least sth to show that he wants.... His reply is: wait ok... That's it.. So u see how it works... Sometimes even the level of intelligence doesn't match as sb said first u need to understand how finances works... I wonder how they don't feel ashamed...
  2. hey Conan! I ll tell u from my experience. My ex boyfriend said the same to me... He was in big debt to pay it back... He said that sb cheated on him in business and if he won't pay he ll go to prison and was kinda of manipulating me and taking advantage of my good heart plus he knew I have money... he was opening restaurant with his good friend... and promised me that he ll pay me back money in August. At first he wanted 10000 euro after second thought I lent him 2500 Euro thinking that I ll check what person he is ... I went to Turkey to visit him... He didn't treat me well at this time already I left and he stopped to talk to me... I found out he has new local girl... Then we had big fight when I asked him to pay me back he even said that he ll count that money for my stay in Turkey(imagine which real man ll say that?)... So August came he is promising he ll pay and offering friendship but nothing on my account... When I asked him again now in September he just totally stopped to talk to me and respond to my messages... I would never give those ppl any money... especially that big amount I m telling from my experience... DO NOT DO IT unless u wanna lose that money... If he is real friend he ll stay ur friend... no matter what... Sometimes they just spend there money on really stupid things once they have them and don't save anything... and they think that if u have money u can give it to them... When it comes to money be very careful... PLS DONT LEND IT! Some of those ppl are friends or boyfriends just because of money... Once they get what they want they disappear from ur live... ITs sad that this kinda of ppl exist on that planet but its true... !!! Sometimes they ll be just telling u b*llsh*t stories and then will use u and suck ur last euro and then go away and once u asked them ll be very very rude and disrespectful and its only headache for u later as I noticed they don't even worry much abt what they did... No honour, no morals, no values and pride... And look I m a woman and guy did that to me... Its even more painful... At the end of the day all my family and friends say its just money and i helped but he is the one who ll be living with what he did till the end of his day and looking at the mirror every day thinking how disgusting person he is... DONT LOAN!
  3. Thanks guys once more. I really hope he ll pay it soon as he was saying. The thing is this guy is pretending like he is not scared of anything saying do what u f**k*ng do when I say I did some steps to get my money so I m shocked with his behaviour. He keeps offending me knowing everything was his fault and I don't get this kind of behaviour...towards sb who helped... You re right I know honor its a big thing and it cost more than that money... I ll try to talk to him again nicely when the time of payment ll come and ll see if its not working I ll involve the police I guess:)
  4. I m sorry to hear that I ll try to solve that nicely with him and wait maybe he ll show some human nature...but I doubt it... I have one more question how much does it cost to open that kind of case in Turkish court? I wonder if amount to pay for lawyer woudnet be more that he actually owes me but its really tough to let this kind of person behave that way... thakns for ur reply:)
  5. Hey guys, I lent my ex boyfriend quite big amount of money 2500 euro for his debts( he was saying that). .Not more than month after when I came back from visit in Turkey he stopped to talk to me. I found out he is with sb else some local girl. I asked him to pay me back my money, cause I need them. We didn't get senet or any other legal document. We agreed that he ll pay me back in August but if I need me money he ll arrange earlier. We had a big fight cause I asked him for at least 1000 now cause I needed them and at the end we said lots of bad words to each other I told him I ll take steps to get my money back he got really angry he said he is not paying me back anything now... My question is... I have all our conversations, proofs of transfer from my bank and bank in Turkey but not legal document. What can I do to get it and what are my chances ? I don't know Turkish law but how it works there? Or if I report him to the police in August if he wont pay there are any chance? I know he has already lots of problems and police knows abt him he has also few cases in court... I m just very disappointed with his behaviour he is very mean, offends me and very very rude... Any adviceanybody what can I do? Thank You in advance...
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