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  1. Thanks! HobbitTR I really appreciate the information on getting around in Istanbul because it is so practical. I will file it away in the hopper. I had read about traffic and driving in Istanbul but not from the point of view of the pedestrian. I will remember to be aware of surroundings. I am not deterred from my decision to move to Turkey but I wanted to ask more experienced ex-pats their view of the current situation and advice. I have explored Goggle maps but will check it out in greater detail. Thanks for the heads-up about "Robocops" in regards to demonstrations and large gatherings. Also, kudos to you! I have read your posts on other subjects and appreciate the thoroughness of information you provide. I do love this site!!
  2. I think I am probably beating a dead horse but here it goes. I am moving to Istanbul in a little over two weeks. I have registered in the American Embassies STEP so that they can send me alerts via e-mail. I just received an alert about a demonstration in Istanbul at the American Embassy this week. Because I am not familiar with Istanbul yet I have no idea if this is anywhere near where I will be working or living. I stay abreast of world news and events but I also know from experience and talking with others that the news may not be completely accurate. My question is this - What is your thoughts/views of the actions taking place in Syria, Iran, and Iraq and has it had any impact on how you conduct your daily activities in Turkey. Just trying to get an idea of what to expect and how to acclimate. Thanks.
  3. Hi Jake, I am still in the United States. I won't be moving to Turkey to work and live until August. When I made this decision I fully intended to take my two dachshunds with me. I did all of the research and was moving forward with all of the requirements. Then, I heard from another single woman like myself who had moved to Turkey last year. After a number of back and forth e-mails I realized that moving to a foreign country and facing all of the unknowns and uncertainties by myself with two senior dogs in tow was way more than I could handle. So, I made the difficult decision to find them a new home. But, I will be more than happy to share my research with you. http://www.pettravelstore.com/pet-passport-turkey/ - this is a great site. I would purchase the pet passport packet from them now. The list of things to be done to get your dog in the country will take some time to accomplish. Follow it to the letter. Yes, your dog must have a blood titer test. http://www.united.com/web/en-US/content/travel/animals/petsafe.aspx - I was planning to use United Airlines because they were number one rated for pet travel. My dogs could not travel in the cabin. The shortest flight time I found was 14 hours. They do have flights from Canada. You might want to do some checking with different airlines to see what they require for carrying pets on international flights. I have no idea if you plan to live in Turkey long term, what your finances are, or where you are planning to live. Here are a few other things to consider. I have been told that Turkey is more of a cat culture. There are feral dogs all over the big cities. Rabies could be an issue. If you plan to live outside of expat communities then finding a landlord who will let you have a dog may present another challenge. One more thing, if you want to travel while you are in Turkey who will watch your dog? I have been planning this move since February so I have put together a sort of survival guide for finding an apartment, utilities, internet, cable, cell phones, postal service, etc. Just all of the things I thought I would need to know to make my transition as smooth as possible. If you have other questions let me know and I certainly would be glad to share. Good Luck on your adventure! Deb
  4. Hey Jake, I need to ask a few questions so that I can better help. Do you live in the U. S.? Will your pet accompany you on the same flight? Or, will you be importing your pet after your move to Turkey?
  5. Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhh! I am very frustrated!! I am moving to Turkey in August from the U. S. Like all good consumers I researched to find the cheapest fare and went with Aeroflot because of fare cost and little layover time. Woo-Hoo! On to the next challenge of finding transport for two small dogs. Again, I did lots of research and found United Airlines Pet Safe Program that was both reasonable in price and would take good care of my dogs. Everyone else I got estimates from were triple or quadruple the cost. I have gotten all of the information together for their passports but found one more piece of information from the Anglo INFO Turkey website that put a real kink in things. It seems that unaccompanied pets are required to have an import permit or they will be denied entry into Turkey. The import permit is issued from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs - MARA. I have scoured their website and cannot find out how to apply for the permit. I have called and e-mailed the Turkish Embassy in Washington D. C. and the State Department. I am waiting on a reply. Meanwhile the clock ticks down and I am worried because I don't know how long this process will take . Is there anyone who knows how to do this and can walk me through it. HELP!! Please!!
  6. Ken - thanks for the links and good info! I have visited all of the links and also the Articles tab at Turkey Central. I started looking through the categories and checking out articles then, I cut and pasted them into word and saved them for printing later. I am creating my own survival guide book! HA! I do have another question - you seem like an old hand at this - how long have you lived in Turkey as an ex-pat? GDB - I will certainly keep that advice in mind when I start my search. Thanks! You guys are terrific and I am so glad I stumbled upon this site!
  7. Thanks Ken! That answers a number of questions for me. I have been looking at rentals on the Sahibinden website that YabanciGirl suggested. I have found a few furnished rentals that were great and I have found a number of unfurnished rentals that were great too. My question is this - how much would it cost to outfit an unfurnished place with fridge, stove, and a minimum of furnishings? In your opinion, would I be better to get a furnished rental versus an unfurnished? Any and all help would be much appreciated!
  8. Thanks YabanciGirl for your vote of confidence! It is appreciated. Lucid - how many years did you teach? Were you an ESL teacher? Thanks for sharing the motivation (or lack of) for why students take English classes. The more information I have regarding classroom management and student motivation will help prepare me for my first day of class!
  9. Lucid - thanks for the insights into the students and teaching. I will be teaching adults and young adults. I have read on other forums that the young adults are ambitious and goal oriented and sometimes they take on more than they can handle. I can remember when I was that way and striving to achieve greatness. HA! Like that came to pass. Thanks again!
  10. Thanks Ken and YabanciGirl! YabanciGirl, I laughed out loud when I read your comment about your classroom. I had heard that classroom management could be an issue in Turkey. What age students were they? I haven't had a chance to check out all of the links but I do appreciate all of the great information. I have a tendency to over analyze and over prepare for things so this evening I went for a long walk to clear my head and realized that I need to relax and quit sweating the details. I will be making from 2700 to 2900 TL. I have been using a website called Numbeo to check the cost of living in Bursa. Based on its information I think I should be okay. YabanciGirl - are you still teaching? Any other advice for a new ESL teacher? I will continue to try to find other expats in Bursa. I think finding others like myself who are either new to the area or have been in Bursa for a while will help with Culture Shock. I am happy to hear about the internet service. I love watching movies on Netflix and I've just gotten an I-pad so that I can download books and talk with friends and family in the USA. One other question - is it pretty easy and cheap to buy printers and ink in Turkey?
  11. Hello, I am new to the site. I have accepted a teaching post in Bursa and will be moving to Turkey the first of August. I am trying to plan a budget and determine costs to get moved and set-up in new place. Some things I have been able to find out through research on various sites and search engines but I still have some questions. So, here they are. 1. Typically, for rentals what deposits are required? First, last or both? Damage deposit? 2. What deposits are required for utilities and are they applied for separately or together - like water/sewage/trash and electricity. 3. Is it hard to find rentals that accept small dogs (2 dachshunds under 20 lbs.) 4. Do most ex-pats get health insurance apart from what is offered through Turkish government? 5. For U. S. ex-pats - have any of you used U. S. Global Mail for mail/package services? How do you like it? 6. How good is internet service? Is it good enough to stream movies or Skype with folks back home? How about downloading e-books? 7. Is there anyone out there who lives and works in Bursa? I have sent out some posts on other sites but have gotten no response. 8. What about phone services? I have a cell phone now. Should I bring it with me and get a service in Bursa? I think that is all of the general questions for now. I do have some questions regarding teaching so if anyone has experience in that area please respond. Thank!
  12. Hi all, I am new to this website but have been doing mad research on ESL teaching in Turkey. I have read posts on this website, Dave's ESL cafe, and TEFLON blacklist. It certainly has helped me in my decision making. I have my TESL/TEFL/TOEFL certificate and becoming certified to teach Business English and TOEFL Preparation. I have a Masters in Arts Administration with an undergraduate in Communications and lots of work experience. I have been offered a position teaching in Bursa with a company that has received both good and bad reviews. All of this research is paying off! I have added this site to my favorites and would like to say THANKS! for all of the great comments and practical advice. It has really helped with preparing me for the culture shock and with a positive attitude to hit the ground running.
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