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  1. Hello dear Very glad again to see your reply to my question and thaks so much for your efforts. If I do not bother you with my questions, please clarify the following points if possible: 1/the person/persons who is/are appointed to carry out the operations of the liaison office, can they be more than 1 foreign person? 2/what about their families, can they get RP also ? Sorry for disturbing you again
  2. Hello dear Mrslawyer It is very kind of you giving us your opinion regarding opening a liaison office for a foreign company located outside Turkey. To do so, I would be very glad if you could list me the documents and the conditions required to open this kind of office. thanks again
  3. As I explained, it is regarding a foreign company located outside Turkey and wants to open a representative office, not commercial office, just to follow its operations in Turkey, no commercial transactions involved, therfore, no capital needed, no turkish employee required. can the foreign office manager be granted a RP? what are the conditions and docs required? Thanks
  4. Can anyone tell me if a foreign company can open a representative office in Turkey? If so, can the office manager get a residence permit in Turkey? is he required to apply for work permit? What are the conditions, the documents required etc..? Generally, the official web sites do not give details or they are only in Turkish Thank you so much in advance for any useful informations
  5. I know exactly what you mean and thanks for your geographical and cultural lesson about Turkey. When I say " the place does not matter", I mean, as long as my son locates a vocational school where to terminate his training, this is the most important thing for me. Also, all Turkey is beautiful, we do not even need to choose. Anyway, I am still seeking an appropriate school before I choose the place Thanks
  6. Hello Ibrahim Abi thanks for your reply. my son is good in repairing electrical appliances, PC etc.., he is fond of technical field and not in literature the place in Tuekey does not matter. thanks again
  7. Hello GDB I do not find your reply to my topic
  8. Hello Ken It's you again..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are always helpful thanks so much I will check what you said, the problem is that most turk websites do not use foreign language we try to translate by google but the translation is always confusing thanks
  9. Hello Ken you are always helpful thanks so much I will check what you said
  10. My wife is a driving school instructor and running her own driving school in Algeria. As we plan to move to Turkey, can she work as a driving instructor, does she need a work permit? If any one can advise and give details and procedures thanks
  11. Hello can anyone help me find a vocational training school in Turkey to enroll my son for september 2014 he will take the high school exam next june, he prefers to go for vocational courses also he has no knowledge of turkish language please advise schools contacts for foreigners many thanks salah
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