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  1. I have been searching high and low for an answer on this and the Turkish Consulate in Los Angeles is giving me the run around. I have inquired at a couple of schools and get conflicting information. I have a technical degree certification not a 4 year university degree. I have been told that language schools will not hire me with out the combination of my CELTA (that's what I am possibly going to get) and a university degree. Another school told me that American teachers are in high enough demand that I can get a job and the Ministry wont really know the difference between a trade school degree and university degree. I don't want to pay for a CELTA course if I won't be able to get a work visa. Another friend said that I could get my CELTA, then get a job as a nanny (just to get my visa) and do private tutoring on the side. That doesn't sound legal and I don't want to get deported. Does anyone have any input on this? Thanks!
  2. I am a possible expat from California. I have been reading (SEVERAL FORUMS) about the requirements to become a teacher. I will be going to Istanbul to take the CELTA course but my only concern for getting a job afterwards is my degree. I do not have a university degree but a tech school degree. It was a 9 month course for Medical Billing and Health Insurance (passed with very high grades). I was told by one school that as long as it says "college" and that it is at least an 8 month course, the department of ministry wont really know the difference. I don't want to spend all this money to move over there, take the course and then find that my tech degree will not be enough. I have been private school educated from K-12 grade and I have worked in several well known international companies (Coca-Cola, Digitas, PCMall, etc). Will the CELTA and tech degree be enough to get me a work visa? I am looking at attending either Oxford House College or International Teaching Institute. So if you have any comments about either of those schools, it would be much appreciated. Tesekkuler!
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