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  1. jkr

    Key Holders

    Does anyone know of a key holder service in Altinkum?Are there any English people in the Camlik are who are willing to be a key holder?There may be absolutely no need to for the sevice.. probably not as we will have 24/7 monitoring on the property.The possible respoce would be to respond to an alarm call to check the property.Please send me a privetr message if you wish. James.
  2. I hope it is OK to post this notice.Looking and phoning through the list of insurers recommended to me by Ben I feel I must provide the following recommendation for the benefit of members who may require this service. I would like to recommend My Gursel Shavool an insurance agent in Izmir.He is very friendly,speak and importantly understands English perfectly.He is very efficient, professional and promnt in the dealings I have had with him.In addition he is internet friendly, and will send specimin policies/price by emailwhich are very competative.He accepts credit card payments from home or abroad if necessary, or bank transfers.I have no hesitation in recommending him as an excellent agent.I am not on commision he was recommended to me by another member.Contact Numbers for Gursel:Office: 00902324822112Mobile:00905334102763- if out of hours the office number rings his mobile. James.
  3. jkr

    Bus To Dalaman Airport

    Hello again lozenqeleqend, May I make a further request from your amazing font of knowledge?Do you know of any buses from Altinkum to dalaman airport?Or an alternative source of transport that is reasonably priced?Any information would be gratefully received. James.
  4. jkr

    Hsbc Altinkum

    to lozeneqelend, I rang the HSBC in Altinkum.They could not be more helpful and answered all of my questions.Thank you again. James.
  5. jkr

    Hsbc Altinkum

    Thankyou lozenqelegend again you have been so helpful. James.
  6. jkr

    Hsbc Altinkum

    Hello Lozeneqelend how are you?I am trying to find out the telephone number of the above branch which I beleive has an english speaking person who deals with English accounts.I have phoned the Istanbul branch of HSBC who amazingly tell me they do not have a branch in Altinkum!I thought I had heard it all but this takes the biscuit.Your assistance would be much appreciated. James.
  7. Hello Meral, Have you by any chance needed to go to the port entry point near Cesme?If you have did you notice if there were any insurance companies on the turkish side of the port entry?We are bringing our car to turkey in April and hopefully will be taking the ferry from Ancona to Cesme(thats if the run in April).We need to buy 3rd party car insurance for our stay in Turkey until September and wonder if I can cross the border and buy the insurance then drive the car through?Sounds like a bit of a job to do, but its very difficult, (not impossible as yet ,although we are trying our best)to get the insurance from the UK to use to cross into Turkey.I can see a number of difficulties and would prefer not do this unless I have to.Maybe someone has already do this?It would be good to hear from them if they have.Ant help would be much appreciated. James
  8. Thankyou sunny you again are a mine of information and very very helpful. James
  9. jkr


    Thanyou lozenqelend that is very helpful.I understand I need this paperwork to obtain a residents' permit. James
  10. jkr


    Does anyone know who is the local Muhtar for Altinkum, or who covers this area?Is this person located in the Emniyet at Aydin?I beleive we have to have a verification of living in our house from them?Thanks. James
  11. Weare having a telephone installed shortly from Turk Telecom- Altinkum.I've been looking at their web site trying to make sense of the information, unfortunately I can't see the wood from the trees!!Can anyone help with the following/1) It looks like the installation costs are about 43ytl?2)What are the line rental costs?3)We will be making exclusively international calls.Does this have to be specified?4)Is there a yearly contract?5)To me the call charges and details are a blur how do I simplify?6)What is the proceedure for setting up a direct debit?Will the bank sort this?7)We need ADSL.What are the band charges?8)Is it correct that you have to buy phones that have a certificate of approval from TT?Very sorry about the long list,I'm probably making a mountain out of a mole hill but it all looks complicated to me.Thanks in advance on any help you can give to a struggling Brit. James.
  12. Has anyone used this program to learn turkish?If so what is your opinion?Thanks. James
  13. Thankyou Dande you have again been very helpful.I'll let you know the outcome. Best regards Ken.
  14. For ATT Ben Densin, Can you help me find an insurance company in Izmir or elsewhere which has english speaking staff so that I can obtain turkish car insurance while I am still in the uk?I need the insurance to be sent to me to use on entry to turkey in the spring.Thankyou in anticipation. James.
  15. jkr

    Aydin Emniyet

    Can anyone please supply me with the above number?Thankyou. James
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