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  1. That rule has changed. Now you can come and go and be out of the country for as long as you like, the residence permit simply expires on its regular expiration date. I was recently reminded of a place on the Çeşme peninsula which might interest you, called Seferihisar. It is apparently a very charming seaside town, closer to Izmir than Çeşme, but it has the designation of a "slow city." Slow cities are those which intentionally try to keep a laid back, natural, and slow-paced lifestyle. It might be the perfect place for you if you want to be kind of a recluse. Also it is a lot closer to Izmir than Çeşme, so it might be easier and faster to get in to town to do some shopping when necessary. And of course you can check out the other towns on the peninsula. Even though Çeşme town center is crowded in the summers, it also has some outlying places which can be pretty quiet and peaceful.
  2. Healthcare cannot be provided for free in any country. Someone has to pay for it. They are saying that the insurance policy would pay part of it and you would pay part of it. This is normal, there is often a cost-sharing agreement, it depends on your policy. In some countries poor people can get free healthcare, but still it isn't free. The country's tax payers pay for it. Health insurance is not free healthcare. It is a pool of money made by many people to cover healthcare costs which might happen occasionally. For example, a person who was at the point where they needed a heart transplant could not go and pay 1,000 TL for a health care policy and then have a heart transplant (which is a certainty in this case) which costs 500,000 TL. It doesn't work that way. That is why pre-existing conditions are excluded. You may be able to get an insurance company to cover a pre-existing condition but it would be quite expensive, because the probability that the insurance company would have to pay for a costly medical procedure would be more of a certainty than a probability. They are not being inhumane. This is how it works everywhere. Read your policy... you signed it and agreed to it. They can only be expected to pay for what they have agreed to pay, in writing, on the policy.
  3. Yesterday I took a taxi across town to see an old friend who was in the hospital recovering from a fall. I decided to walk back along the shoreline to Kale İçi and my house. The shore is lined with various parks, playgrounds, restaurants, and public squares like this. They had tent kiosks set up offering künefe, döner kebab, ice cream, and other goodies. It's nice to see the warm weather returning.
  4. tcadmin

    Support for Quiz Masters

    Basic Guidelines Quiz Logo Image Size: 125 pixels maximum height or width. While you are able to upload a large image which will be resized to 125x125, an alert is generated when a new quiz is launched, and the original larger image will display there, which looks kind of sloppy. Question Image Sizes (One Image Per Question): 400 pixels maximum height or width. Reduce the photo quality to around 50% or less for JPEGs. Use similar image quality settings for other image types. While the image is downloading over the internet from a server, the time clock is running on the user's computer. So the user doesn't get credit for the time he or she has to wait for the image to download. Number of questions a quiz can have: Minimum five, maximum 50. Number of answers a question can have: Minimum two (for true/false), maximum five. All questions must have images: This makes the question more visually appealing. If you can't find a directly corresponding image, like for a question with a concept, use a conceptual image. You can also create an image which serves as part of the test question, for example, showing four or five different images in the same image, with corresponding letters. See below for more information. Numbering questions and images: When developing a quiz, it's useful to number the test questions, then use the same number as an image name for the corresponding image. However, don't number the questions when you enter them into the quiz system. The quiz system will automatically do that for you. Write "fat" questions wherever possible: This is best explained with an example. Thin question: Q. For whom was the monumental gate built? A. Hadrian Fat question: Q. In 130 AD, a VIP visited Antalya with his family and entourage, as part of a "world tour" to see every place under his control. A triumphal gate was constructed in his honor. Who was this VIP? A. Roman Emperor Hadrian With the fat question, even if a quiz taker has no idea what the answer is and is guessing, they still learn something, and their curiosity is piqued. Add Images to All Questions You can upload an image from your computer, or import it from a URL if it's on a server somewhere. Typically, you'll just find a suitable photo and download it to your computer, then upload the image. To do so, just click "Choose Single File." then navigate to the photo on your computer and double-click it. That will upload it. Then click "Save," and the photo will go live. Hide Your Quiz Until You're Finished With It Once you create a quiz, even if there are no questions, it will go live. So if you want to create a quiz over time, for example, come back over a few days and add more questions until you're finished with it, you will need to hide it. This will prevent other members from seeing your quiz or taking it while it is under construction (once someone takes the quiz, you can't add more questions). You can hide your quiz by clicking on the "Quiz Actions" button near the lower left. Then click "Hide." Then, only you and the moderators can see it. Then when you want to make it visible to everyone so they can take your quiz, do the same thing again, only this time the button will say "Unhide." Click "Unhide" to allow people to start taking it. Only Registered Members Can Play The quizzes don't allow guests to play because they can't record their score. Score needs a member ID to be recorded. Taking Your Own Quiz You can take your own quiz, to test it. Your score will not be counted in the rankings, though. That wouldn't be fair. Adding Images to a Question Add an image to each question, to, even if it's just to make the question look more interesting. If you want, you can have an image of a building or person, or thing, and ask the quiz taker what it is, who made it, how it got there, or whatever. If you are good with an image editor, you can create and add an image like this (a single image with five people depicted): Then have your text question and answers like this: "Which portrait depicts the Ottoman Sultan "Suleyman the Magnificent?" A B C D E Happy Quizzing!
  5. İşletme Profil Sayfanızı Nasıl Oluşturabilirsiniz? Step Image 1 "Ticaret Rehberi"ne tıklayın. 2 "Şirket ekle"ye tıklayın. Bu sizi işletme bilgilerinizi girebileceğiniz sayfaya yönlendirecek. 3 Açılır listeden işletme türünüzü seçin. "Devam"a tıklayın. 4 "Konum ayrıntıları "Turkey" seçeneğini olduğu gibi bırakın (Sitedeki tüm işletmeler Türkiye'de bulunmaktadır.) "İl Adı" seçeneğini tıklayın ve açılan menüden şehrinizi seçin. "İlçe Adı" seçeneğini tıklayın ve ilçenizi seçin. Adresinizi ve posta kodunuzu girin. 5 Haritanın sağ alt köşesindeki kontrol düğmelerini kullanarak tam konumunuzu belirleyene kadar yaklaşın. Farenizin tekerleğini kullanarak da haritada yaklaşıp uzaklaşabilirsiniz. Farenizin sol düğmesini basılı tutup hareket ettirerek haritayı herhangi bir yöne doğru oynatabilirsiniz. 6 İşletmenizi konumunu görebileceğiniz şekilde haritayı ayarladıktan sonra, işletmenizin tam olarak bulunduğu noktayı tıklayın, bir harita işaretleyicisi görünecektir. Eğer yanlış yeri işaretlediyseniz, sadece doğru yere yeniden tıklamanız yeterlidir. 7 İşletme bilgilerinizi girin. İşletmenizin Adı Ticari olarak kullandığınız isim. Kartvizitlerinizde ve tabelanızda yer alan marka isminiz. Şirketinizin Tam Adı (İsteğe bağlı) Eğer şirketinizin ticari kaydı farklıysa, buraya ekleyebilirsiniz ya da bu alanı boş bırakabilirsiniz. Başka Ad Kullan (İsteğe bağlı) Şirketinizin ismini sayfa bağlantısında görünmesini istediğiniz şekilde giriş yapın (bu isim, sayfanın internet bağlantısında görünecektir). Bu seçeneği kullanırsanız, isim tamamen küçük harfle yazılmalı, sadece harfler ve sayılar kullanılmalı, kelimeler tire işareti "-" ile ayrılmalıdır. Örneğin; "mehmetin-yeri-restaurant" yazdıysanız, işletme profilinizin web adresi "www.turkeycentral.com/directory/mehmetin-yeri-restaurant" olarak görünecektir. Dikkat!: İngilizce konuşan müşteriler tarafından bulunabilmek için, restoranınızın isminin İngilizce versiyonunu kullanmanız daha iyidir. Ancak dilerseniz Türkçe olarak da kullanabilirsiniz. Önemli!: Bu alanda (-) tire işaretinden başka bir işaret KULLANMAYIN! Şirket Profil Etiketleri Bu etiketler, Turkey Central sitesine giren kişilerin sayfanızı bulmasına yardımcı olur. Siz yazmaya başladıkça, öneriler görünecektir. Önerilen etiketler bulunduğunuz şehir veya ilçe - örneğin “dalyan” – ve işletme tipinizi – örneğin “restaurant” – gösterir. Uzmanlık alanları Bunlar uzman olduğunuz konuları göstererek, ürün ve hizmet arayanların sizi daha kolay bulmasına yardımcı olur. Örneğin; bir seyahat acentasısınız, ancak aynı zamanda araç kiralama, tur, uçak biletleri ve bisiklet kiralama işleri de yapıyorsunuz. Veya bir restoran iseniz, sunduğunuz mutfakları yazabilirsiniz. Asya, İtalyan veya uluslararası gibi. Eğer uzmanlık alanınızı öneriler arasında bulamıyorsanız, iletişim formundan bize ulaşırsanız, listeye ekleriz. 8 İşletme Açıklaması İşletmenizi anlatın. İlk blok için İngilizce bir açıklama ve ikinci blok için Türkçe bir açıklama girin. Her iki dilde açıklama yazmanız, bu dillerden herhangi birinde yapılan aramalarda bulunmanıza yardımcı olur. Not: Eğer açıklamanızın İngilizce çevirisini bizim yapmamızı ya da İngilizce metni kontrol etmemizi ve hataları düzeltmemizi isterseniz, bize iletişim formundan ulaşın. Bunu sizin için ücretsiz olarak yapabiliriz. 9 Logo ve Fotoğraflar İşletmenizin bir logosu varsa, bilgisayarınızdan seçip sayfaya yükleyebilirsiniz. Daha sonra, işletmenizin 8 adete kadar fotoğrafını yükleyebilirsiniz. Örneğin, binanın ön cephesi, oturma alanınız ya da istediğiniz her hangi bir fotoğraf. Aynı anda birden fazla fotoğrafı seçip yükleyebilirsiniz. 10 İletişim bilgilerinizi girin. Web sitenizin adresi için sadece www.websiteniz.com olarak giriş yapın. Instagram veya Facebook gibi sosyal medya sayfanızı eklemek için SADECE Facebook ya da Instagram’daki isminizi girin. "facebookadınız" gibi. 11 Arama Motor Açıklama ve Anahtar Kelimeler (boş bırakabilirsin) Açıklama Bu alan Google ve diğer arama motorları tarafından kullanılacak olan iş tanımınızdır. Bu alan İngilizce yazılmalıdır. Anahtar Kelimeler Bunlar bazı arama motorları tarafından kullanılan anahtar kelimelerdir. Bu kelimeler işletmenizle ilgili olmalıdır. Kelimeler virgül ile ayrılmalıdır. Şu şekilde: "restaurant,dalyan,seafood,italian food, breakfast, mehmetin yeri, mehmets place,food delivery,english speaking" 12 Başka ayarlar Bu özelliği üzerine tıklayarak açıp kapatabilirsiniz. Açık olduğunda arka plan yeşil olacak ve bir tik işareti görünecektir. Bu durumda Turkey Central üyeleri işletmeniz hakkında yorum yapabilirler. "Üyelerin sayfanız hakkında yorum (yoksa görüş) bildirmelerine izin veriyor musunuz?" Bu özellik açık olduğunda, Turkey Central üyeleri işletmeniz hakkında bir yorum/görüş yazabilirler. Not: İşletmeniz hakkında yorum/görüş yapıldığında, bir bildirim alırsınız. Bu yoruma/görüşa yanıt verebilir ya da isterseniz silebilirsiniz. İşletme sayfanızın kontrolü tamamen sizin elinizdedir. 13 Paket program seç Profil paketlerinden istediğiniz seçin. Şu anda tüm özellikleri içeren tek bir paket bulunmaktadır. İndirim İndirim kupon kodunuz varsa, kodu buraya girin. İndirimler sadece ilk yıl için geçerlidir. Sonraki yıllarda paket ücreti normal fiyat üzerinden kredi kartınıza yansıtılacaktır. Eğer işletme profil sayfanızı herhangi bir zamanda iptal etmek isterseniz, lütfen iptal politikamızı okuyun ve iptal için iletişim formunu doldurun. Kurallar Şartlar ve kurallarımızı okuyun, daha sonra okuduğunuzu onaylamak için kutucuğu tıklayın. En son olarak "Profil ekle" düğmesini tıklayın. Bunu yaptıktan sonra işletme profiliniz veri tabanına gönderilecektir. Sonrasında kredi kartınız ile ödeme yapabileceğiniz sayfaya yönlendirileceksiniz.
  6. If you start or participate in a topic, the forum will automatically send you an e-mail alert when there is new activity in that topic. This can be a good thing, since you don't have to keep coming back and checking for replies to a topic you have started. It's also a good thing because later (sometimes much later), another member may post to ask you a question, or to answer a question you have asked. We also have members who post about a certain situation they're in, and we ask them to come back and let us know how everything turned out, which helps the next person who later finds themselves in the same situation. I think it's a small thing to ask considering how much this community helps everyone. But if you want to opt-out of following a topic, you can do so. While posting a reply in the topic, while viewing the topic, and in your personal notifications settings. Option 1: While Posting (Just Before You Save Your Post) If you start or reply to a topic, by default, you'll receive an e-mail alert of any subsequent posts in that topic. Before you save your topic-opener or reply, you can disable the automatic alerts by toggling the "Notify me of replies" option. Option 2: While Viewing a Topic You can also turn off the reply notifications while viewing the topic. At the top of every topic there is a button which tells you if you are following or not following the topic. If it says "Following" and you want to "un-follow" it, just click that button. That will open up a menu of "follow" options. If you just want to un-follow the topic, click the "Unfollow" button that appears. Option 3: In Personal Notifications Settings (This Turns Off ALL Notifications) If you want to stop following ALL topics, click on the "bell" icon at the top right of the forums. This will open your notifications. Click on "Notification Options." Now un-click the follow options as depicted below:
  7. There are other topics open on some of these questions. Members, please post in these other topics accordingly, so we can keep things tidy for everyone: How Much Turkish Will I Need? Cost of Living in Istanbul? What Kind of Papers Do I Need?
  8. A late post. But try talking with Tulumba.com. They have a distribution hub in New York City. They ship anywhere. Among other Turkish products, they sell those Turkish foods which can be shipped. Perhaps you can set up something up with them.
  9. Updating this since the original post was 2012, and the link was dead--admins of websites often move or remove pages. For current museum information by province, with prices, go here: Turkey's Museums, from DOSİMM From the home page, click on "Muze ve Örenleri."
  10. Embassy of the United States of America Ankara, Turkey August 14, 2015 Security Message for U. S. Citizens INCREASED THREAT LEVEL DUE TO PKK ANNIVERSARY AND RECENT EVENTS The U. S. Embassy in Ankara informs U. S. citizens of an elevated threat level from terrorism in Turkey, as evidenced by the August 10 attack on the U. S. Consulate General in Istanbul, in which two DHKP/C members (one remains at large) fired weapons at the Consulate building. The Embassy also notes that August 15 is the anniversary of the first Kurdistan Worker’s Party (known as PKK or Kongra-Gel (KGK)) attack against Turkish government installations. Historically, this anniversary date has prompted an escalation of violence by the PKK and other splinter groups. Recently, the PKK has targeted the Turkish military and Turkish National Police (TNP) officers and stations, while the DHKP/C has targeted TNP and Government of Turkey facilities. U. S. citizens traveling or residing in Turkey should be alert to the possibility of increased terror activity in urban and tourist areas, as well as throughout southeast Turkey. We urge U. S. citizens to exercise caution and maintain a high level of vigilance. U. S. citizens should be aware of the possibility that terrorists can conduct complex attacks, with secondary follow-on attacks targeting first responders to the initial attack. Review your personal security plans, remain aware of your surroundings, and monitor local news stations for updates. For further detailed information regarding Turkey and travel: See the State Department's travel website for the Worldwide Caution, Travel Warnings, Travel Alerts, and Turkey’s Country Specific Information. Enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to receive security messages and make it easier to locate you in an emergency. Contact the U. S. Embassy in Ankara , located at 110 Ataturk Boulevard, Kavaklidere, 06100 Ankara, at +90-312-455-5555, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. After-hours emergency number for U. S. citizens is +90-312-455-5555 or +90-212-335-9000 (U. S. Consulate General Istanbul). Contact the U. S. Consulate General in Istanbul , located at 2 Uçsehitler Sokagi, 34460, Istinye, Sariyer, at +90-212-335-9000. Contact the U. S. Consulate in Adana , located at 212 Girne Bulvari, Guzelevler Mahallesi, Yuregir, Adana at +90-322-455-4100. Contact the Consular Agency in Izmir at [email protected] Call 1-888-407-4747 toll-free in the United States and Canada or 1-202-501-4444 from other countries from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday (except U. S. federal holidays). Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
  11. tcadmin

    Çinekop Fish

    Çinekop, a fish from the sea of Marmara.
  12. If you are invited to a Turkish home for dinner, you might see a spread like this: Fish, lamb, or chicken. In this case i was Çinekop fish from the Marmara sea, Barbunya (a kind of beans), fava beans, salad, goat cheese, olives, Şakşuka (fried aubergine and potatos, green pepper, garlic and tomato sauce, red pepper with vinegar and garlic, fried cauliflour, Kısır (bulgar salad with ming, parsley, onion and other herbs), bread spreads such as haydarı (yoghurt with mint), and ground, spicy tomatos. And of course, rakı, Turkey's national alcoholic drink, which turns white when mixed with water. It is also called "lion's milk!). This delicious dinner was thanks to Arzu, who lives in Lara, Antalya.
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