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  1. That rule has changed. Now you can come and go and be out of the country for as long as you like, the residence permit simply expires on its regular expiration date. I was recently reminded of a place on the Çeşme peninsula which might interest you, called Seferihisar. It is apparently a very charming seaside town, closer to Izmir than Çeşme, but it has the designation of a "slow city." Slow cities are those which intentionally try to keep a laid back, natural, and slow-paced lifestyle. It might be the perfect place for you if you want to be kind of a recluse. Also it is a lot closer to
  2. Healthcare cannot be provided for free in any country. Someone has to pay for it. They are saying that the insurance policy would pay part of it and you would pay part of it. This is normal, there is often a cost-sharing agreement, it depends on your policy. In some countries poor people can get free healthcare, but still it isn't free. The country's tax payers pay for it. Health insurance is not free healthcare. It is a pool of money made by many people to cover healthcare costs which might happen occasionally. For example, a person who was at the point where they needed a heart tra
  3. Yesterday I took a taxi across town to see an old friend who was in the hospital recovering from a fall. I decided to walk back along the shoreline to Kale İçi and my house. The shore is lined with various parks, playgrounds, restaurants, and public squares like this. They had tent kiosks set up offering künefe, döner kebab, ice cream, and other goodies. It's nice to see the warm weather returning.
  4. tcadmin

    Support for Quiz Masters

    Basic Guidelines Quiz Logo Image Size: 125 pixels maximum height or width. While you are able to upload a large image which will be resized to 125x125, an alert is generated when a new quiz is launched, and the original larger image will display there, which looks kind of sloppy. Question Image Sizes (One Image Per Question): 400 pixels maximum height or width. Reduce the photo quality to around 50% or less for JPEGs. Use similar image quality settings for other image types. While the image is downloading over the internet from a server, the time clock is running on the user's comput
  5. İşletme Profil Sayfanızı Nasıl Oluşturabilirsiniz? Step Image 1 "Ticaret Rehberi"ne tıklayın. 2 "Şirket ekle"ye tıklayın. Bu sizi işletme bilgilerinizi girebileceğiniz sayfaya yönlendirecek. 3 Açılır listeden işletme türünüzü seçin. "Devam"a tıklayın. 4 "Konum ayrıntıları "Turkey" seçeneğini olduğu gibi bırakın (Sitedeki tüm işletmeler Türkiye'de bulunmaktadır.)
  6. If you start or participate in a topic, the forum will automatically send you an e-mail alert when there is new activity in that topic. This can be a good thing, since you don't have to keep coming back and checking for replies to a topic you have started. It's also a good thing because later (sometimes much later), another member may post to ask you a question, or to answer a question you have asked. We also have members who post about a certain situation they're in, and we ask them to come back and let us know how everything turned out, which helps the next person who later finds themse
  7. There are other topics open on some of these questions. Members, please post in these other topics accordingly, so we can keep things tidy for everyone: How Much Turkish Will I Need? Cost of Living in Istanbul? What Kind of Papers Do I Need?
  8. A late post. But try talking with Tulumba.com. They have a distribution hub in New York City. They ship anywhere. Among other Turkish products, they sell those Turkish foods which can be shipped. Perhaps you can set up something up with them.
  9. Updating this since the original post was 2012, and the link was dead--admins of websites often move or remove pages. For current museum information by province, with prices, go here: Turkey's Museums, from DOSİMM From the home page, click on "Muze ve Örenleri."
  10. Embassy of the United States of America Ankara, Turkey August 14, 2015 Security Message for U. S. Citizens INCREASED THREAT LEVEL DUE TO PKK ANNIVERSARY AND RECENT EVENTS The U. S. Embassy in Ankara informs U. S. citizens of an elevated threat level from terrorism in Turkey, as evidenced by the August 10 attack on the U. S. Consulate General in Istanbul, in which two DHKP/C members (one remains at large) fired weapons at the Consulate building. The Embassy also notes that August 15 is the anniversary of the first Kurdistan Worker’s Party (known as PKK or Ko
  11. tcadmin

    Çinekop Fish

    Çinekop, a fish from the sea of Marmara.
  12. If you are invited to a Turkish home for dinner, you might see a spread like this: Fish, lamb, or chicken. In this case i was Çinekop fish from the Marmara sea, Barbunya (a kind of beans), fava beans, salad, goat cheese, olives, Şakşuka (fried aubergine and potatos, green pepper, garlic and tomato sauce, red pepper with vinegar and garlic, fried cauliflour, Kısır (bulgar salad with ming, parsley, onion and other herbs), bread spreads such as haydarı (yoghurt with mint), and ground, spicy tomatos. And of course, rakı, Turkey's national alcoholic drink, which turns white when mixed with w
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