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  1. Hello all, as you rightly pointed out, i went to the emniyet office and boom it was sitting there. i got my residence card today. apparently the address on it was half my address and half from of my landlord's address in my rental agreement. also i checked the barcode on it, it was posted in 2 days from the date of submission, so it should have arrived in as some said 6 days.also it was written under the address that, if not able to locate the person, please send this letter to the nearest ilce eminiyet mudurlugu. so i suggest please make a trip to the nearest one get yours, if not heard from the PTT. best, G
  2. thank you for the kind replies. i guess i am going to wait another week and go knock on the yabanci subesi
  3. Thanks Redders, for the clarifications. yes the website didn't give any new data. just info from first RP. wow 6 days to 8 weeks, thats a lot of variation. i am still at the 3 weeks mark, so there is still time, i guess. would it help in anyway to get addtional info, by paying a visit to yabanci subesi? thanks G
  4. yes i have the document to travel outside of the country, but it only allows for 15 days in total to be out of Turkey, i spent already like 8 or 9. Aussie girl, when did you apply in Sariyer? could you share please
  5. i applied my RP renewal more than 3 weeks ago in Istanbul Sariyer, still no RP, checked the PTT too. is it still too early? Last time i received in 10-12 days and i have been reading from forums that people are receiving it randomly. can you please share your arrival durations? also i have checked this website. https://tckimlik.nvi.gov.tr/YabanciKimlikNo/DogumYiliveIkametTezkereNoSorguModul.aspx and gave my application number given after the RP was submitted (it was written on the slip they gave to me). it shows correct data about me. is this used by others? please share your experiences.
  6. i had my rendevu for the RP renewal today in Istanbul. things to note which were different this year 1. Doviz slips are no longer valid. either the bank account with the money or the exchange slip from the bank with its stamp. 2. to pay the fees, one need to go to Ziraat bank or hisar vergi dairesi (in eminonu, behind the yeni cami). Ziraat bank guy could not get his system to work, so i had to go to Hisar vergi dairesi. 3. on requesting, i was given a document with my photo and stamp that i can leave the country for 15 days until my RP arrives.
  7. hi Indy jones, i have the appointment tomorrow in istanbul. could you please clarify the following, 1. did you have to show bank account with minimum 500 dollars per month, or a doviz slip? 2. were you given the document saying your RP is under process and you can now exit the country? i read at other places in this blog that with that document one can travel a total of 15 days until the RP arrives home 3. how many days did it take for your RP to reach home? thanks
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