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  1. this might be a bit late of a reply, and i personally have not yet had to deal with this yet,...but during my short visit to istanbul i passed by IS Bank's investment arm called IS Yatirim. i asked them about the tax situation and their reply was:if youre from a country with a lower tax than turkey, then yes you can choose to be taxed back home or in accordance with whatever country you may have a residence permit in. what the turkish authorities would want is some proof that you are paying taxes elsewhere, so either a bill or a reciept, etc. i guess a document stating your tax residency status of a particular nation would do.as far as how things are co-ordinated, i'm pretty sure you'll need to take your document and get it attested by your country's ministry of foreign affairs, then go to say the turkish embassy, or the uk embassy and get them to attest the ministry's attestation, then to the tax office, or to the other ministry of foreign affairs,.... baiscally until the tax office are happy that what youre giving them is real.when i do actually go thru it i'll post about it here, but i hope that helps, and thats based on what i've had to do in other countries.skunk.
  2. oddly enough Lasik in Turkey seems to be quite popular with germans, the dutch and the swedish, so english accounts of their experiences are hard to find. i had to do a google translate thing of a german forum.the good news is that theres quite a few people that have done it and have given the place some good reviews,.... but then again it is the internet so who knows.personally i've decided on the Istanbul Surgery Hospital that is headed by a Dr Sinan Goker ( the "o" in his name is meant to have two lil dots over it but i cant figure out how to type it.) he seems to have a good track record and is a member of a couple of associations as youve mentioned. one of which is an american one.heres a link to anyone interested:http://lasikinturkey.com/eng/index.htmlso i've arranged for the guy himself to do it when i get there in a few days.i'll start a thread with my experiences once its done.assuming everything goes well and i can still see of course
  3. i've been thinking of getting lasik/laser eye surgery done for ages now, and i've decided that i'll get it done in Istanbul when i get there in a few weeks.from what i've read online, it seems that alot of western europeans are getting their lasik done in turkey, mostly german and swedish visitors it seems.i've come across about 3 different clinics offering services, but any reviews i can find are in german which is all greek to me :Phas anyone had lasik done in instabul?would you guys recommend any places in particular?or more importantly are there any places that i should stay away from ?cheers,Skunk.
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