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  1. Can anyone tell me specifically if I can get citizenship for my child?
  2. I think people on here should carefully read what I've written repeatedly. For example I never said anyone was wrong. Someone did say I was wrong. How can I be wrong when I am not declaring anything? Officials told me some stuff in a hostile manner and none of it made any sense to me, that's why I came here to get clarification. The thing is citizenship laws are for everyone to understand and they should be pretty clear, if they are not clear, then maybe this is where a good lawyer could help.
  3. Sounds like no one has anything valuable to add to the topic here.
  4. Yes, exactly, they're very curious and so this is not a cultural issue I have with the official citizenship people. It may be discrimination on their part, but I have no control over that. I think my questions are not at all unreasonable to be asking now since I am about to get the "tourist" (I know it's not really called that) residence permit which is the question...do those count towards citizenship? Some say yes here, but officials say no way and they are not confused with a tourist visa, they know what ikamet means. They are concerned with the purpose of stay under the ikamet and it seems to be in the law (which I have posted numerous times on this forum, but no one here knows if that law is important because you aren't familiar with it...don't assume there is no answer just because you don't know). Anyway.. Other question that has a clear answer, but nobody knows here I guess is, I am the mother of my now 2 year old will she get citizenship through me once I have my Turkey kimlik? I will go bother some lawyers but to say that my questions can not possibly have answers, makes no sense. If there is no useful info, I think I will stop posting about this here, I am getting tired of repeating myself.
  5. Because she was traumatized. I would say on a positive note that if any stranger harasses you in the street in Turkey, you don't need to be afraid to yell at them, they won't touch you. In the US or other places it's risky to raise your voice because people do get violent more often.
  6. In general I find Turkish people to be very curious.
  7. I've been asking the same questions to everyone but I'm only getting contradiction after contradiction. Does anyone know of an expert or a lawyer in Istanbul that you would recommend who can answer my specific questions about immigration?
  8. It is funny that you can't share a hotel room if you're not married and yet prostitution is legal.
  9. Her father is another foreigner, but not from my country. My daughter could potentially own 3 passports and that is one of the things I may be able to do for her in life. If I could give her the world I would , but I would settle with giving her a few countries.
  10. I didn't mean to suggest that holding property was the requirement for citizenship. I was merely suggesting that it was one factor which would increase the chances of gaining citizenship, which is what my nufus ve vatandaslik told me. This was because I asked them what to do since they also told me that if I now obtain the short term residence permit for the remaining 3 years, and the reason "tourist" is selected as it is for renters, then I will be disqualified from the 5 year rule. They told me anything but "tourist" reason could count...including "student" even which Redders was saying does not count. They told me student does count if you then get a job with a work permit once done studying, but tourist never ever counts. I will go back to that office once I get clear about as much as I can from other sources first and then update with any news. Anyway, I want to move along and ask my other question which is, if I am able to obtain Turkish citizenship how can I also ensure that my daughter can also obtain Turkish citizenship? I read that descent is no longer enough...my daughter is now 2 and I want her to have dual citizenship to give her a sense of stability, because as it is now she was born and is growing up in a foreign country and I think it's unfair to her unless I can resolve it in a few years time. I want to add that I have no idea what it means that "descent is no longer enough" especially since the situation would be that the mother gains citizenship after the birth of the child but before the child reaches age 18. I had hope for her gaining 3 passports in life since before she was born because I knew about the 5 year rule but now with the change in residence permit laws I wonder if it shouldn't be called the exceptional 5 year rule. And I knew that Turkey, my country, and her father's country all allow dual citizenship. She already has her passport from my country, I know she is entitled her father's country's passport by birth (that will be simple to obtain in the future since his signature is on her birth documents), but I wanted to wait for that one until she got her Turkish passport not to complicate the procedure for Turkey more than it needs to be.
  11. I have the same problem almost, except that we are foreign and both live in Turkey, but he refuses to pay one lira for his child. There is nothing we can do about this, these kinds of men get away with it all the time even when everyone is from the same country and lives in the same country. It's a problem created by the system we live in that favors men and devalues women and children. This is the reality for many women that can't be changed as long as the system is the way it is, so don't worry about it too much because it's just a waste of time.
  12. Why did they change the residence permit laws in 2014? There were the A countries and the B countries, and A countries could get longer term residence permits that led to citizenship, and B countries only got one year residence permits that didn't lead to citizenship. Now we are all B countries, unless we invest or get married. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. I have one of those health insurances too. Mine's either called Sompo Japan Sigorta or Uraz Sigorta, or they work together, because both companies are included in the policy documents they gave me, I don't get it. It cost me 559.42TL last year as a female, aged 36 and I have never had to use it and I assume it's useless. I feel like I could have bought something more useful like an iphone.
  14. Thank you, and I will give an update on this topic next week.
  15. I agree, hold that thought until you establish yourself educationally and then financially if at all possible. If it's not possible all that will depend more on who you're with, so you would need to be more picky about choosing a mate not just for love, but more for security.
  16. My daughter is 2, she will be covered under my insurance plan not need her own, correct? I don't know about the Vali. live in Istanbul, do I go to the Istanbul Valigi located in Fatih or are there smaller more local branch offices that might be closer to where I live? I couldn't locate any other Vali online than the one I stated, just asking to save time.. Also, do I go to the Valigi first or the SGK office first? Do I need to bring my daughter or just bring her residence permit? Also, one more thing, my daughter only had a residence permit (her 1st residence permit) for a little less than a year before it expired, will she need to wait another year on another residence permit to be added to my insurance?
  17. Do you mean go to the local ilce Nufus Mudurlugu for my area in istanbul or the main istanbul il Nufus ve Vatandaslik Mudurlugu? I went to the later for my information...(the information saying that short term residence permits that were issued because of tourist reasons will be information used when applying for citizenship and disqualify me right from the start. This is what they say and with much hostility). Isn't it true the 5901 citizenship law is valid and that it was made in 2009 and the provision we are talking about that is part of that law was made in 2010. Is there any more up to date citizenship law?
  18. Other than living in Turkey for over a year with a residence permit, what are the requirements for SGK insurance? Do I need to have a job with a work permit? I think that's what I was told at the local SGK office a year ago.
  19. If a child of born from a Turkish parent in a foreign country, but no papers were filed for the child to ever get Turkish citizenship, what requirements does that person need to meet to get their citizenship (other than proving they have a Turkish parent)? If a child was born in Turkey to foreign parents and one of the parents becomes Turkish, what does that person need to prove other than they have a Turkish parent?
  20. If I'm unmarried, female, over 18 am I considered a dependent of my father in terms of if he decides to get the long term residence permit I would also qualify? I'm sure he would qualify since he lived here for 2 decades with a work permit. He is a teacher and over the age limit for working as a Turkish teacher, so he prefers not to get citizenship. But I would also like to know, if he did get citizenship wouldn't I qualify for citizenship too?
  21. My daughter was born in Turkey. I've lived here since I was a kid on and off many many years. My sister is Turkish because she married a Turk. My father has lived here non-stop for years and years with a work permit. And still I don't qualify for anything other than tourist residence permit and now I learn it may not count towards the 5 year rule. Should I get married to a Turk right now yes or no? Let's take a vote. (I'm only half joking)
  22. For bank accounts..I had trouble getting a bank account at many banks without a residence permit. So, from my experience, my advice is to find a bank located on a University campus that has lots of foreign students. They deal with this all the time.
  23. I am located in Istanbul. I don't understand how the authorities on citizenship can misinterpret the laws for citizenship. I can't argue with them because the law clearly states what they say, not what people here say: d) Türk vatandaşlığının kazanılmasında kabul edilmeyen ikamet nedenleri ile Türkiye’de bulunan kişinin sonradan geçerli sayılan bir nedenle ikamete bağlanması halinde önceki ikamet süreleri de hesaba katılır. Bu hüküm, turistik amaçlı ikamet tezkeresi ile Türkiye’de bulunanlar hakkında uygulanmaz. How can I argue with them that they are the ones misinterpreting the laws about citizenship? Is there an amendment to the law or something else written in the law or an argument that this statement above can be understood in other ways?
  24. In other words, I'm being played by my local authorities. They must be lying to a lot of people, they have this law highlighted to show anyone who walks in and asks basic questions. The Mudur also confirmed they were telling the truth so the Mudur is also lying.
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