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  1. Hello everyone-love this forum and all its assistance/advice. I am needing a reliable website to find short term (less than 6 months) rentals. I found some but they looked unreliable. Or, where would be a good place to get rental listings in person. Thank you in advance. Ramin
  2. Hello Ken-is there a reputable trustworthy attorney who can help me with this investment? Thank you in advance.
  3. Awesome questions and answers-thank you both.
  4. Hello all, Love this forum. Does anyone know about the new Law on citizenship and $250k real estate investment. This means that if you invest at least $250,000 USD in real estate then you can get citizenship in 3-6 months. Anyone knows anything? Is this a new scam? Thank you
  5. Hello everyone-I know things change very fast in Turkey. I am just wondering if I can stay in Turkey 4-6 months every year. Thank you in advance.
  6. Thank you greenstein. For whatever reason I did not see your reply...your information is very important and appreciated. Actually, I have a Turkish relative (I am not a Turk) in Turkey who will start the company and then hire me as a partner. I am the one who will run the technical part of the business. I believe this is the easiest approach. Since this will be a new company, no 3 in your list does not appear to apply- unless I am wrong. Thank you
  7. Hello everyone, Great to have this Forum and thank you on advance for your inputs. We are planing to open a corporation in Istanbul. We will be hiring 1-5 Turkish employees for a few months and then much more once we open offices in different places. We have air and surface decontamination company from USA. Can someone point me to some information as to how we can go about with our plans. We are hiring an attorney but I am just a bit cautious and want to do my own research. What do we need to begin the process of opening the company? Should we open the company first and then get the work permit or vice versa? Any financial requirements? I will advertise employment opportunities in this forum once we get established. Again, thank you all for your inputs.
  8. Do whatever you want but never accept a partnership!!
  9. Hi Yugo, I found this link for you. I really think their advices have some value for you. https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081119211109AANDuc1
  10. Well, partnership and restaurant business proved to be impossible and a very bad idea because you just can not trust anyone (unfortunately even those that appear to be very honest!). I should have gone with my original idea which is to establish a USA company in Turkey. I have an Herbal formula (Garlic Syrup which has been very successful in the USA) that I like to produce in Turkey and sell all over the world. Turkey is a great country with cheap resources (compared to USA), and I love to have a chance to live in Turkey at least 3-6 month per year. Life in the USA is very difficult and stressful. We just need to have some breaks from time to time. Is it going to be a very difficult task to set up a foreign business (cost, permits, visas). I will need to rent a large and very clean kitchen to produce my syrup. Does anyone have any knowledge of where to start? I am expecting for all sort of problems. Many thanks to this forum and its members and moderators. Ramin
  11. My bank in the USA said if I have an "international accoount", I will not pay any fees at all. But I'll take Ken's advise. Thanks to all who replied.
  12. Sorry Yugp, I wish I could help you. I am not familiar with Turkish customs. I just know they are very traditional. I am sure you'll be fine since you have good intensions, Trust your intuition and you'll do good.
  13. Thanks for reading everyone. I have completely resolved this issue. No need to reply unless you think someone else will benefit from your reply. Ramin
  14. Hello everyone, I am going to Turkey soon. Do you know if the exchange rate is better in Turkey to convert my American dollars to Turkish Lira? The exchange rate in USA is high; I am loosing a lot of money if I buy Turkish Lira in USA. Thanks Ramin
  15. Hello to all, Can I get a work permit if I invest in a business in Turkey? One of the owners is a Turkish citizen (I am aware partnership is never a good idea but I just wanted to ask this question ). The business is a very nice establish restaurant with excellent reviews; they are looking for a partnership. Since I am an American citizen (fluent in English) and also fluent in Farsi, I do not think the work permit should be a big problem. I do not think any Turkish worker can compete with me as far as English and Farsi. I can bring much more American and Persian customers to the restaurant and interact with them much more than an average Turk can (of course, because of my language skills). Not sure about any of these. Please share your thoughts and experience. Thank you Ramin
  16. I appreciate everyone's "honest opinion". I changed my mind about opening a restaurant and I am taking Ken’s advice. I don't want to deviate from my original topic and get into "politics" but I feel I should say something. First, I do appreciate Ken and others like him for all their help on this website-it is truly invaluable. Life is hard everywhere, but we should be thankful to Turks and Turkish government for allowing foreigners the opportunity to live and work in Turkey in "PEACE" and without the fear of being abused and harassed-unlike many other countries in the world (I am not a Turk). Most Turks are very helpful and welcoming. How many times you heard of Turks burning houses and assaulting foreigners. Ok, enough said. Best of luck and health to everyone. I cannot wait for my travel to Kusadasi this June. I'll do my best to visit Remember Me Restaurant. Ramin
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